Terms And Conditions


You agree to all terms once you register.
You agree to the use of your data on the site in accordance with the law of your country.
You undertake that all the information entered is correct and that there is no sign of doubt.

You pledge to agree to transfer funds to the consultant upon completion of the service.
You undertake to confirm obtaining the service upon completion of the service by the consultant.
You agree that the site binds you to any financial or administrative rights according to any service you use on the site.
You agree that the site does not bear any legal responsibility in any country or entity for any data you provide or use on the site, and you are not entitled to claim anything.
You agree that the site operates according to its own principles and rules, and you are obligated to follow them.
You know that the site is not a company for SABB, but it works to implement all its services in agreement with many companies and consultants, in an official form.
You agree to write to our technical support first, Powell, when performing any service or purchase, in order to secure all the services you want to obtain.

Protection and safety:
SAPSPACES guarantees you to recover your money at any time, provided that there is a real failure by any party within the site.
SAPSPACES guarantees your rights to deal with trusted advisors.
When you confirm the completion of the service implementation, the site will automatically transfer the value of the service to the consultant
Or re-appoint another consultant to implement the service.
The site guarantees you to verify the official documents of the consultants.
The site guarantees you the right to complete confidentiality in the content of your company without the contents advertised on your personal page.
The site guarantees that you will take the necessary action in the event of any complaint being reported, follow up on your complaints, and take the necessary legal measures.
Technical support can be contacted at any time and you will be answered.


You agree to all the conditions below as soon as you register on the site.
You undertake that the data you have entered is 100% correct and that there is no doubt or forgery.
You undertake that you will be able to implement the services that you are advertising.
You undertake that the services you advertise are in your specialty and do not engage in fraud or fraud.
You agree to receive the declared value of the service after the service is executed and the customer confirms the implementation of the service.
You agree that your bank account is correct and that you assume full responsibility in the event that the amount is transferred to another account.
You undertake that any data you send to the site or to the customer is 100% correct, and you bear full legal responsibility for any complaint or failure to perform the service.
You undertake to provide full support for your services at the request of the client or site that.
You undertake to carry out your services at the time advertised, and you have no right to delay.
You authorize the site to fully dispose of your money in the event of a complaint from the customer.
The site has the right to close my account on the site without informing me or my consent.
You are not entitled to cancel any service that the customer purchases.
You are not entitled to obtain any means of direct communication with the customer without the consent of the site.
The site has the right to verify my data in any official or unofficial agency.
The mandatory site has the right to complete the services that I am announcing.
The site has the right to send me to the customer in the event that it is required, or the client requests that.
The site has the right to use my information in accordance with the law and the rules in force on the site.

Safety :
The site provides you with access to the largest possible number of SAP affiliates around the world.
The signatory guarantees the arrival of the value of the service you provide once the customer confirms that the service has been implemented.
The site guarantees you all rights if you implement the service and the customer does not confirm this within 14 days of implementing the service.
The site guarantees that you will receive all the services provided by the site upon purchase.
The site guarantees you to make sure that the customer pays the amount before you start implementing the service with him.
The site guarantees you full support in case you need it, and the value will be determined according to the type of service you need.
The site guarantees you complete confidentiality of your data without advertising it.

We all agree to abide by the rules of the site and pledge what is written above.