SAP ReFx Transaction Codes – Flexible Real Estate Management TCodes

SAP ReFx Transaction Codes – Complete List of important SAP Flexible Real Estate Management Module (SAP Re-Fx) transactions (SAP T-Codes) that are used for implementation and optimizing of ReFx Solutions.

The following are the important SAP Transaction Codes of Flexible Real Estate Management module that are used on day to day activities to implement and configure REFX solution in SAP system.

SAP Transaction Code


RE80 RE Navigator
RECN Define Process Contracts
RERAPP Periodic Posting Contracts
RERAPPRV Reverse Contract Postings
RERAVP Periodic Posting Process – Vacancy for Rental Objects
RERAOP Post Using Posting Activity
RESCPG Participation Group
RESCSU Settlement Unit
RESRRP Enter Sales Reports
RESRSE Sales Based Rent Settlement
RECACUST Display IMG – Flexible Real Estate Management(RE-FX )
RECAPICCUST Background Graphic – System Settings
RECARG Update Objects in the Work list
RECATM Update Objects in the Work list
RECACC Check Customizing Settings for RE-FX
REAJRV Reverse Adjustments
REAJCH Edit Adjustments
REBDRO Rental Objects
REISCN Info System Contracts
REISCDCF Info System  –  Cash Flow
REISCNPE Information System – Term of Contracts
REISRR Info System – RE Search Request
REISBU Info System – Building
REISPR Info System – Land
REISRO Info System – Rental Objects
REISBE Info System – Business Entities
REISMSBD Info System – Measurement of Master Data
REISROOC information System – Occupancy of Rental Objects
RERAIV Create Invoice for Rent
REEXF_28 RE Post Incoming Payment
RERAPL Posting Log
RESCSE Service Charge Settlement
RESCIS Evaluation of Service Charge Settlement
RESCSEAA Assessment Adjustment
RESRIS Report on Sales – Based Settlement
RESRSECORRECT Adjustment of Sales  – Based Settlement
RESRRVSINGLE Reversal of Sales Based Settlement
RESRISSINGLE Report on Sales based Settlement
RESRBCSINGLE Posting of Settlements