SAP DMS Transaction Codes

SAP DMS Transaction Codes – List of SAP Document Management Solutions (SAP DMS) Transaction Codes and related transactions that are used to implement and manage documents for business organizations.

Refer below for a complete list of important SAP transaction codes that are used for day-to-day document management activities.

SAP Transaction Code Description
CV01N Create Document
CV02N Change Document
CV013N Display Document
CV04N Find Document
OD00 Document Number Range Maintenance
CV11 Create Document Structure
CV12 Change Document Structure
CV13 Display Document Structure
CC04 Product Structure Browser
CVI8 Start Document Distribution
CVI9 Distribution Log
IW33 Display PM Orders
IA09 Display Task List
IA07 Display General Task List
CL30N Find Documents in Class
CL01 Create Class
CL02 Class Maintenance
CT04 Create Characteristics
CSADMIN Content Server Administration
OACO Content repository Administration
OACT Storage Category Administration
SCMSMO Monitoring for Content and Cache Servers
SCMSHO Define Computers and Properties
SCMSCA Define Cache Server
SCMSIP Define Location of IP Subnets
LPD_CUST launchpad customizing
SWU3 Automatic workflow Customizing
PFTC Maintain Task
PFTC_DIS Task Display
WDR_ACF_WLIST Create Security List
SBWP SAP Business Workplace
SMOD SAP Enhancements