SAP MDG Transaction Codes

SAP MDG Transaction Codes – Complete list of SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG) module transaction Codes (T Codes) that are used for installation and deployment of SAP MDG, Data Modelling, Process Modelling, Consolidation, Data Migration, Fiori Applications, etc.

Transaction Code Description
NWBC SAP Business Client for HTML
SFW5 Activate Business Functions
SCPR20 Business Configuration Sets Activation
SWU3 Automatic Workflow Customizing
SICF Activate Application Services
SM59 Configuration of RFC Connections
PFCG Role Maintenance
SCDT_MAPPING Create Synchronization Object List
LPD_CUST Launchpads Configurations
DTIMPORT Import Master Data
DTEXPORT Export Master Data
SE80 Object Navigator
SFP Form Builder
MDB SPI Metadata Browser
GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER GenIL Objects for Business Partner Data model
MDG_BS_MAT_CR_BCST06 Activate Business Configuration Sets
MDG_BS_BP_CR_BCSET4 MDG Change Request Types (Business Partner)
MDG_BS_BP_CR_BCSET2 MDG Change Request Types (Business Partner) MDG 7.0 FP
USMD_RULE Define Validation and Derivation Rules
DRFF Define Filter parameters
MDG_ADJUST_IDM Adjust Key Mapping after Client Copy
MDG_KM_MAINTAIN Maintain Key Mapping
MDG_ANALYSE_IDM Search Key Mapping
DRFIMG Define Replication Models
DRFOUT Execute Data Replication
DRFLOG Analyze Log for Outbound Implementation
FILE Logical File Path Definition
DRFSUB Subscribe Business Objects for Replication
DRFCC DRF Customizing Task
DRFLOGDEL Delete Replication Log for Outbound Message
DRFRSD Display Replication Status
DRFRSDEL Delete Object Replication Status
MDGCPDEL Periodic Deletion
RSOR Data Warehousing Workbench
RSA5 Installation of Data Source from Business Content
MDG_GEN_HBA_CR_EXT Generation of Hana Repository Content for MDG Analytics
MDMGX SAP MDM Generic Extractor
CG3Z Upload Files to Application Server
STC01 Task Manager for Technical Configuration
SEGW SAP Gateway Service Builder
MDG_DATA_MODEL List of Generated Model
SPERS_MAINT Edit User Personalization Objects
MDG_HDB_GEN_UI Hana View Generator
PFCG Role Maintenance
SLG1 Analyze Application Log
SWIA Process Work Item as Administrator
SWI5 Workload Analysis
SWI6 Display Workflows Select an Object
SWE2 Event Type Linkage
BD54 Change view logical systems overview
BD82 Generate Partner Profile