SAP EWM Transaction Codes

Complete List of SAP EWM Transaction Codes (T-Codes) that are used frequently in Extended Warehouse Management module.

Transaction Code Description
SPRO Execute Project
/SCWM/LGNBP Assign Warehouse Numbers/ Business Partners
/SCWM/BINMAT Maintain Fixed Storage Bins
/SCWM/LS01 Create Storage Bin
/SCWM/LS02 Change Storage Bin
/SCWM/LS03 Display Storage Bin
/SCWM/LS10 Generate Storage Bins
/SCWM/PRBIN Print Storage Bin
/SCWM/LS11 Mass Change Storage Bins
/SCWM/EXECPR Maintain Execution Priorities
/SCWM/BINSTAT Add user status for Storage Bins
/SCWM/SBST Sort Storage Bins
/SCWM/BINMAT Maintain Fixed Storage Bins
/SCWM/LX45 Maintain Verification Field
/SCWM/FBINDEL Define Field Storage Bin Assignment
/SCWM/PACKSTDT Work Center Determination in Goods Issue
/SCWM/MAT1 Maintain Warehouse product
/SCWM/CCIND_MAINTAIN Transfer Cycling Counting Indicator from SAP APO
/SCWM/STADET_IN Staging Area and Door Determination Inbound
/SCWM/STADET_OUT Staging Area and Door Determination Outbound
/SCWM/STADET_ASS Access Sequence to Staging areas and Door Determination
/SCWM/REPL Schedule Replenishment
BP Maintain Business Partners
/SCWM/SCUMAIN Maintain Supply Chain Unit
/SCWM/LGNBP Assignments: Warehouse Number/ Business Partner
/SCTM/DEPCAL Assign Calendar to Supply Chain Unit
/SCWM/PACKSPEC Maintain Packaging Specifications
/SCWM/PSA_REPLICATE Replicate Production Supply Area
/SCWM/PSA Define Production Supply Area
/SCWM/PSAMAP MAP Production Supply Area
/SCWM/PSASTAGE PSA Assignment to Bin By Entitled/Product
/SCWM/RGRP Maintain Resource Group
/SCWM/PRR1 Create Processor
/SCWM/PRDVC Maintain Presentation Devices
/SCWM/ADPROD Move Product
/SCWM/ADHU Move Handling Unit
/SCWM/YMOVE Create Warehouse Task in Yard
/SCWM/WAVE Maintain Waves
/SCWM/WAVETMP Maintain Wave Templates
/SCWM/IM_ST Maintain Internal Stock Transfer
/SCWM/IDN Maintain Inbound Delivery Notification
/SCWM/GRN Maintain Notification for Goods Receipt
/SCWM/EGR Maintain Expected Goods Receipt
/SCWM/MON Warehouse Management Monitor
/SCWM/DOOR Maintain Door Assignment
/SCWM/QINSP Quality Inspection and Count
/SCWM/SLOT Slot Products for Warehouse
/SCWM/QRSETUP Maintain Inspection Rule
/SCWM/CANCPICK Cancel Picking
/SCWM/TU Create Transport Unit
/SCWM/REAR Work  Scheduling Rearrangement
/SCWM/VEH Process Vehicle
/SCWM/CICO Arrival / Departure from Checkpoint
/SCWM/VAS_KTS VAS for KIT Creation on Stock
/SCWM/VAS_KTR VAS for Reverse Kitting
/SCWM/LM_FE Labor Management Formula Editor
/SCWM/ILT Maintain Indirect Labor Task
/SCWM/PL Planning and Simulation
/SCWM/USER Maintain Users
/SCWM/QSEC Maintain Queue sequence for Resource Group


All SAP EWM Transaction codes will begin /slash, so the SAP system doesn’t allow to use of a transaction that begins slash directly. To create a new session, you should use /n, and to create a new session of /SCWM/LS11, you should execute with the transaction of /n/SCWM/LS11.