SAP Enterprise Structure – Transaction Code (T codes)

Complete SAP enterprise structure transaction codes to configure and implement the enterprise structure in ERP SAP System.

SAP Enterprise Structure Transaction Codes


List of SAP Transaction Codes of Enterprise Structure.

Financial Accounting – Enterprise Structure

Define Company OX15
Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code OX02
Define Credit Control Area OB45
Assign Company code to Credit Control Area OB38
Assign Company Code to Company OX16
Define Business Area OX03
Assign Business Area to Consolidation Business Area S_ALR_87007385
Define Functional Area OKBD
Maintain FM Area OF01
Assign Company Code to Financial Management Area SPRO
Define Segment S_AL0_19000003
Define Profit Center KE51
Assign Profit Center to Company Code KE56


Controlling – Enterprise Structure Transaction Codes

Maintain Controlling Area OKKP
Assign Company Code to Controlling Area OX19
Create Cost Centres KS01
Create Operating Concern KEP8
Assign Controlling Area to Operating Concern KEKK


Logistics – General: Enterprise Structure Transaction Codes

Define Valuation Level
Define, Copy, Delete, Check Plant
Assign Plant to Company Code
Define Location
Define, Copy, Delete, Check Division
Assign Business Area to Plant / Valuation Area and Division
Data Comparison with Sales Plant / ValArea -Division – Business Area


SAP SD {Sales and Distribution} – Enterprise Structure Transaction Codes

Define, Copy, Delete, Check Sales Organization
Assign Sales Organization to Company Code
Define Copy, Delete, Check Distribution Channel
Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization
Maintain Sales Office
Maintain Sales Group
Assign Division to Sales Organization
Setup Sale area
Assign Sales Office to Sales Area
Assign Sales Group to Sales Office
Assign Sales Organization – Distribution Channel – Plant
Assign Sales Area to Credit Control Area


SAP Materials Management (SAP MM): – Enterprise Structure Transaction Codes

Maintain Storage Location
Maintain Purchasing Organization
Assign Purchasing Organization to Company Code
Assign Purchasing Organization to Plant
Assign  Standard Purchasing Organization to Plant
Assign Purchasing Organization to Reference Purchase Organization


SAP Logistics Execution – Enterprise Structure Transaction Codes

Define, Copy, Delete, Check Warehouse Number
Define, Copy, Delete, Check Shipping Point
Maintain Loading Point
Maintain transportation planning point
Assign Warehouse number to Plant/ Storage Location
Assign Shipping Point to Plant


SAP Plant Maintenance – Enterprise Structure Transaction Code

Maintain Maintenance Planning Plant
Assign Maintenance Planning Plant to Maintenance Plant


Human Resource Management – Enterprise Structure Transaction Codes

Define Personnel Areas
Define Personnel Subgroups
Define Employee Groups
Define Employee Subgroups
Assign Personnel Area to Company Code
Assign Employee Subgroup to Employee Group