SAP S4 Hana Logistics Transaction Codes

SAP S4 Hana Logistics transaction codes – Complete list of transactions of logistics with SAP S4Hana for configuration and implementation of Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, Procurement, Migration to S4Hana, Fiori Applications, etc.

By introducing the new Inventory Management with SAP S4 Hana, SAP made a lot of changes in table structures, replaced old SAP transaction codes with new transactions and Fiori Apps.

Transactions Description
MIGO Goods Movement or GR for Purchase Order
MB90 Output from Goods Movement
MIS1 Create Inventory Sampling ERP system
MICN Batch Input – Create PI documents for cycling counting
MI31 Select Data for PI documents without special stock
MIK1 Select Data for PI documents supplier consignment
MIQ1 Select Data for PI documents for Project
MIM1 Select Data for PIDs Transport Package
MIW1 Select Data for PI documents Customer Consignment
MIV1 Select data for PID Returnable Packaging with Customer
MIO1 Create Physical Inventory Document
MI02 Change Physical Inventory Document
MI03 Display Physical Inventory Document
MI04 Enter Inventory Count
MI20 List of Inventory Differences
MI21 Print Inventory Physical Document
MI11 Enter Recount
MIBC ABC Analysis for Cycling Counting _ Physical Inventory
MB51 Material Document List
CO03 Product Order Display
CO11N Enter Time Ticket for production Order
BP Maintain Business Partners
UKM_BP Access Credit View through Business Partner
UKM_MY_DCDS Document Credited Decisions
QS21 Create Inspection Characteristics
QS41 Edit Catalog
QS51 Edit Selected Text
QDV1 Create Sampling Procedure
QP01 Create Inspection Plan
QI01 Create Q-Info Record
QV51 Create QM Control Data in SD
QAC3 Inspection Lot – Cancel Sample Determination
QA32 Inspection Lot Selection
QA11 Record Usage Decision
QA22 Change Inspection Point
MCXC Display Evaluation
IL01 Create Functional Location
IL02 Change Functional Location
IE01 Create Equipment
IE02 Change Equipment
IA01 Create Equipment List
IP41 Create Maintenance Plan
IP30 Deadline Monitoring for Maintenance
IP10 Scheduled Maintenance Plan
IP04 Create Maintenance Item
IK11 Create Measurement Document
VA11 Create Inquiry
SYCM Display Simplification Database Content
SPDD SPDD Selection and Start
MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT Synchronization Cockpit
MDS_PPO2 Post Processing Desktop
/n/UI2/FLP Fiori Launchpad