As of now we have looked at the steps to be performed on a cloud for customer system, now in this post, let us look at what needs to be done on SAP Business Suite system and middleware system, to support integration post tenant refresh and system copy have been performed on SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) and SAP Business suite system respectively.


A system copy of the production Business suite system is in place.

Steps on ECC/CRM system:

The idea of system copy is to create a test or training system with data (master and transaction) identical to a production system. Since the system copy also copies external configuration data (RFC destinations and SOAMANAGER logical ports ), these need to be adjusted manually

    1. Create a logical system for the C4C tenant using BD54. The logical system name should be the short tenant ID for the copied C4C tenant


    1. Run BDLS – To update the old logical system with new logical system. (BDLS copies the partner profile from the old logical system to the new logical system)


    1. Adjust the RFC destinations and SOAMANAGER logical ports to point to corresponding middleware (PI/HCI) system.


Additional steps specific to SAP CRM system:

For SAP CRM additionally the SITE has to be adjusted

Go to T-code SMOEAC and change the site name

And adjust the site attribute EDI partner number to logical system created for the refreshed C4C tenant

A special note about adjustment of DBTABLES which store tenant ID (For Information only…)

BUT0ID (BP: ID Numbers) DBTABLE stores the tenant ID as a part of ID number. Since the IDNUMBER column is neither of domain LOGSYS nor EDI_PARNUM, this table is not adjusted by BDLS. So a special routine (add-on) is executed with BDLS which replaces all the entries in the BUT0ID table where IDNUMBER contains the old tenant ID, with new tenant ID (logical system)

Steps on Middleware (HCI/PI) System:

Since middleware system mainly contains the configuration time data, it does not make a lot of sense to copy a middleware system. So usually we take any existing middleware system from a test(QA/training) landscape and configure it connect to the refreshed systems (SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Business suite system). The following steps need to be performed

    1. Adjust all the receive channels to point to the copied systems (SOAP and IDOC receiver channels)


    1. Adjust the value mapping entries


    1. Adjust the host names in communication arrangement outbound service on C4C tenant and the RFC destination and SOAMANAGER logical port to point to the correct middleware system host. (For PI/PO system, make sure the port name is also adjusted)


    1. Finally make sure to adjust all the authentication information (username and password or client certificate) at the relevant places.

With this now the copied SAP Cloud for Customer tenant should be ready to exchange data with the copied SAP Business Suite system. That’s it from my side on the Tenant refresh adaptation support for Integration.

Sara Sampaio

Sara Sampaio

Author Since: March 10, 2022

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