Dear SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit User!


With SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2008 we released a new Fiori App for Migration Cockpit.


Within this new app we combined the different migration approaches file and staging. From now onward, staging tables will be created automatically – depending on your selection during project creation either on the local SAP S/4HANA Database or on a remote SAP HANA Database schema.

You can populate them easily by using XML template files (as your are already used before) or use SAP or third-party ETL tools.

The old Fiori app will be still available, deprecation phase starts CE2011:

Further information:


Sybille Lackermeier

SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit Product Management

Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

Author Since: November 19, 2020

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