This is a monthly summary of topics discussed in the SAP on Azure Video Podcast ( The podcast is also available as a audio-only-podcast on Unofficial SAP on Azure podcast • A podcast on Anchor or in your favorite podcast app. All the links mentioned in the episodes are here,

#40 – The One with Single Sign On to SAP using on-prem data Gateway (Martin Räpple) | SAP on Azure Video Podcast

We started our SAP on Azure podcasts in May with Martin Raepple talking about his latest blog post on Principal Propagation. In this fourth post he outlines how to enable Single Sign-On from a Power Virtual Agents Chatbot via the On-Premises Data Gateway to your SAP System. This was yet another beautiful example on how to enable a seamless integration from the Power Platform to your on-prem SAP system.


#41 – The One with Azure Synapse, Power BI and SAP (Roman Broich) | SAP on Azure Video Podcast

Then we looked at another very popular topic: how to work with your SAP data from tools like Power BI and Azure Synapse.  Roman Broich joined us again. He had created a very easy to follow tutorial to integrate the famous SFLIGHT model to Azure Synapse and walked us through the whole end-to-end process. AZURE_SYNAPSE_AND_SAP_SFLIGHT_DEMO: Azure Synapse and SAP SFLIGHT demo application integration scenario (  The result was a beautiful Power BI dashboard and also some Azure Synapse Notebooks.


#42 – The One with the Azure DevOps Demo Generator for SAP (Robert Biro & Petra Peters) | SAP on Azure Video Podcast

Starting an SAP on Azure project from scratch can be quite confusing. In order to provide structure Microsoft is providing the Enterprise-scale for SAP on Azure documentation. This set of documentation contains a lot of documentation. With the Azure DevOps Demo Generator for SAP a project plan can be created that helps customers to follow a certain path and have a checklist to get started. Robert Biro and Petra Peters guide us through the project and show how you can quickly get started.


#43 – The One with the ADF Accelerator for SAP (Bartosz Jarkowski & Marius Panga) | SAP on Azure Video Podcast

In Episode 43 we then continue the story from #41. Roman had shown how using Azure Data Factory allows you to connect to an SAP system, retrieve data and visualize it in Synapse Analytics & Power BI. Bartosz Jarkowski and Marius Panga take it one step further: with their ADF Accelerator for SAP you can get a nice Power App that allows you to make this process even simpler. The best part: the Accelerator comes with a set of templates for several popular tables in SAP. These templates are already preconfigured and provide suggestions on how to partition the data. This really helps to quickly get started. The best: all the code is available on GitHub so you can not only see what’s going on, but also contribute with your own experience.

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