On August 8th, 2018, SAP Customer Checkout has released SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 06.

The new Feature Pack 06 provides enhancements to existing functionalities and new features in SAP Customer Checkout and the SAP Customer Checkout manager.

The following enhancements are the main highlights of the new feature pack:

  • Basic Loyalty Management
    • Create Loyalty users with or without reference to customers
    • Collect loyalty points at point-of-sale
    • Redeem (Pay with) loyalty points
  • Optimized Quick Selection Management
    • Configuring function selections centrally for quick selections
    • Quick selection Preview in SAP Customer Checkout manager
  • Enhanced Price Lists and Quick Selections Assignments
    • Assign users and roles to price lists
    • Assign users and roles to quick selection configuration
    • Optimized search option for master data in Kiosk/ Hospitality mode
    • Adding customers (including one-time customer) to the receipt in Kiosk/ Hospitality mode
    • Reduced tax rate assignment in Kiosk /Hospitality mode
  • Handle Expenses in Hospitality
  • Automatic Day-End Closing
  • Possibility to export receipts (including IDEA format for Germany)
  • Enhancements Cashing-Up Reports
  • Extended cashing-up reports for POS systems, POS groups, and users
  • Monitoring Reports
    • New tile Monitoring reports to track warnings and errors of your POS systems, and view which POS systems are available or not
    • Basic setup page for print settings in Hardware configuration settings (SAP Customer Checkout)
    • Enhancement in Restore tool to trigger from command line as well
    • Enhanced application (tile) view concept for users and roles in SAP Customer Checkout
    • Manage and maintain code lists and credit cards within the POS configuration tile
    • Integrate SAP Customer Checkout with SAP Business One running in the SAP Business One Cloud

A detailed presentation of all new features and functions in SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 06 will be available soon on our PartnerEdge page (Access to PartnerEdge needed).

This is all that i wanted to share with you.

In this blog, you have learnt about the features which are released with SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 FP06.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Best of luck with your SAP Customer Checkout journey.

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About me: 
My name is Bikash Bansal. I work for SAP SE, Germany. My current role is of Product Owner for SAP Customer Checkout.
You can find more blogs from me about SAP Customer Checkout here .

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