This blog outlines the new personalization features that are offered in Overview Page of SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation.

With the set of new features introduced in Overview Page, it is now possible to personalize overview page to best fit your role-based requirements. Roles such as Project Leads, Business experts, Change managers, Test Managers and other team members can now create personalized dashboards and configure it in a way that it shows only the data that matters to them. They can select pertinent KPIs that they want to view to create a personalized variants of overview page (OVP), set it as default so that every time they login or visit OVP they land on their preferred personalized page from where they can quickly access the detail information in respective applications to carry out an action or a faster drill down.


How to create a personalized dashboard

OVP comes with a default non-configurable page/view called ‘Standard’, which acts like a catalogue from where you can select entities that you need on your personalized dashboards.



Identify from the standard view which cards are relevant for you or your role/s and which KPIs you need to review on daily basis. Select the relevant cards from the ‘Manage Cards’ menu and save it as a named page of your choice.

For example, as a Project Lead and working on two different projects A & B, you want a quick overview of overall status of project in terms of Tasks, Requirements and Test cases for each project and often need to switch between the two. You can create a dedicated dashboard or overview page for each of the project with the preferences on following entities:

  1. Cards: such as Project, Today, Upcoming Tasks, Requirement Status etc. All cards are by default selected, you can hide cards that you do bot want to include in your dashboard.

  1. Filters: such as Project, Scope, Timebox and Task Type

  1. Values in selected Filters such as Project name, Scope name/s, Phase and/or Sprint and/or Milestone, Project Task and/or Template Task and/or User Story

With help of the above described personalization features you can create variants of overview page with pre-filtered projects/scopes/task types/timeboxes, simply switch between them and save time.

Similarly other team members can also bundle up different sections and create variants such as Tasks Overview, Requirements Overview, Test Overview to suit their analytical needs.

In future it will also be possible to include the filter values of individual cards in a personalized variant of Overview Page. Information about more new features can obtained here.


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