Welcome to our blog series about SAP Subscription Billing’s new features!

This week, one user interface improvement and two API features made it in our delivery. Let’s see together what’s new:

Backdating subscription data

Backdating cancellations and changes to subscriptions is now possible by a maximum of two years. This allows you, for example, to correct erroneous data or to record information retrospectively. Before, you could backdate subscription data only within the current and previous billing cycles.

If the subscription was migrated from a legacy system and has a billing cutover date, additional restrictions apply to avoid conflicts for periods that were billed in your legacy system. For more information, see Subscription Migration in the Setup and Administration Guide. You can override these restrictions by clearing the cutover date.


Cutover date clear on Subscriptions app

Numbering of bill items and charges

Bill items and charges/credits are now numbered during bill closing. This new parameter was introduced in this delivery to facilitate the integration with other applications and provides a useful reference when working with bills.

In addition, our “Bills API” has been adapted with the following changes:

  • The object “originalBillReference” has been added to the charge object in the endpoint “/bills/{identifier}” (GET).
  • The value “originalBillReference” has also been added to the query parameter expand in the same endpoint.

In the case of a charge reversal, this object provides a reference to the original bill for which a charge was reversed.

Reference date for anniversary billing for the rate plan simulation

The attribute “billingCycleReferenceDate” has been added to the endpoint “/simulations” (POST) on the Rate Plan Simulation API.

You can use this attribute to define the reference date as anniversary billing for the rate plan simulation.

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