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Hope you are staying safe and healthy. I would like to highlight one of the key features that SuccessFactors provides, with which the admins would be able to mass update the Job-related master data of the employee in a simple and efficient way.  I could not see much information available on this, so just thought of sharing my experience.

Generally, whenever it comes to the mass update, the activity would be performed by Importing the data with necessary Import template and settings, that is, by selecting the Locale, Full/Incremental purge type, Effective dates, placing the external codes, and other technical data.

However, this import process can be time-consuming and might not be easy with organizations that have employees batch working in random shifts (Work schedule changes) or frequent transfer of a group of employees (Location changes) for effective resource utilization or for other regular data changes which require a quick update in the system. Also, the import process can throw errors for the incorrect case sensitive external codes and we might have to spend too much effort in correcting the errors and updating the data.

Manage mass change provides the option for us to take up the mass update of employee data efficiently and without any need for the complex import process. With just a few clicks the process can be completed and this is effectual when it comes to Job information update, thanks to the simple UI that SuccessFactors offered.

I am sharing the stepwise procedure on how to create and update the mass Employee record using Manage Mass Change feature.


Step 1: RBP permission

To access the Manage Mass change option, Go to Admin center–>Role Based Permissions–>Select the role for which you want to grant the access–>Administrator Permissions–>Search for Manage Mass Change–>Select All–>Save the Changes.



RBP setting


Step 2: Access the Manage Mass Changes

Admin center–>Employee Files–>Manage Mass Changes


Admin Center


Step 3:  Create  a New Mass Change


Manage Mass Change


Step 4: Create an Employee Group

Define the criteria based on which the values have to be changed.

For instance, people who are working from Location “A” or a particular department or division, etc.



Employee Group


Step 5: Mass Change

Once the Employee group is created, Under the Mass change section, Select the Area- Job Information or Job relationship information.

Based on the Area, relevant fields would be displayed.

Select the Field Name on which you want the new values to be updated. For instance, in the below example Work schedule field is selected.



Enter the required values


Once the Field Name is selected, all the values associated with the fields will be displayed as a drop-down list in the New Value field.

Select the value that you want to mass update for all the selected employees.

If you have selected Job Information under Area, then another row would be enabled by default for the event reason entry and the system expects a suitable event reason to be updated in the Job information portlet of the impacted employees. (Based on the criteria selected in Employee Group).


Step 6: Save and Initiate

Once all the data is updated, click “Save” to save the record as the draft version or click on  “Save and Initiate” for the mass update to take effect. Please note that the update would be reflected on the given Effective date.

After Initiating the process, we can see the status of the batch job under the Manage Mass change page.  The status can be either “Completed Successfully” or “Completed with Errors”.

We would not be able to reinitiate the failed batch, however, we can copy the record using the “Actions” option.


Job Run status


Similarly, we can mass update the Job Relationships of the employees. For instance, in the below example, the HR coordinator of the Employees belonging to the Electricity department is mass updated.


Mass updating Job Relationship


This feature is simple, effective, and can be seen as an alternative to the Job information import process.

For more information on this kindly explore the link provided in the references section.

With the same concept of Mass update of the employee data, we can perform mass change runs to position master data as well. For more information on this, explore the below KBAs

KBA- 2469101 – How to perform a Mass Change Run to Position?

KBA- 2460314 – Manage Mass Change Runs





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Randa Khaled

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