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here some useful information for you around  “Omnichannel Article Availability and Sourcing (OAA)“:

CHECK for System Setup and Configuration for OAA

An OAA report which checks the System Setup and Configuration for OAA is now available and released for customers via SAP Notes:


This new report should help customers/partners/consultants/AIS colleagues to check if the CAR system is set up correctly for OAA (e.g. after installation or upgrade) from a technical and business-related perspective.

If the checks are failing you’ll get a dedicated error message how to solve the detected error.

OAA tables in SAP CAR



        • list of eligible sources (DCs, stores, vendors) in a sourcing network
        • via SAP Fiori app “Manage Sourcing Networks”




        • Sales Channel > assign sourcing network to Sales Channel
        • via SAP Fiori app “Manage Sales Channels”


OAA “Sales Channel Mode” vs “OAA Profile Mode”

    • ALWAYS use the “Sales Channel Mode”! This mode was introduced with SAP CAR 3.0 and the successor of the OAA profile mode


    • The Sales Channel mode offers intuitive FIORI apps in SAP CAR to configure sources, sourcing networks, sales channels and sourcing strategies.


    • The “old” OAA profile mode doesn’t provide OAA sourcing configuration by UI, only in customizing tables (which need to be transported from the dev system)

OAA video lectures







OAA Enhancements by SAP CAR release


OAA Enhancements in SAP CAR 3.0 CARAB 2.0 Feature Pack 1



OAA Enhancements in SAP CAR 3.0 CARAB 2.0



OAA Enhancements in SAP CAR 2.0 AB 1.0 FP3


OAA integration in SAP (ex Hybris) Commerce


    • SAP Commerce Cloud version 1:
        • aka CCV1 = operated by SAP&Hybris, is no longer offered by SAP (since Oct 2018)
        • in CCV1 the overall Retail integration via the IPR package is not supported nor available by license for CCV1 customers. See here for details


    • SAP Commerce Cloud version 2, on MS Azure Cloud
        • strategic SAP Commerce version going forward
        • Retail Omnichannel integration (incl. OAA, OPP) pending – stay tuned (Aug 2019)

OAA integration with 3rd party ecommerce solutions

OAA stock tables

    • Store stock = Hana view “InventoryVisibilityWithSalesOrderReservedQuantity”


    • DC + Vendor stock (same tables are used for both)
        • /OAA/ATP_SNP_HDR (header for article/location/source)
        • /OAA/ATP_SNP_ITM (available stock, time series, time stamp)

OAA Modification Example

Release Requirements





Fig.1: Omnichannel Article Availability – Communication and integration technology the SAP Retail back end, SAP CAR and SAP (ex Hybris) Commerce (on-prem editions only)

OSS Components for OAA

    • CEC-COM-BSC-OAA – SAP Hybris Commerce parts


    • CA-RT-CAR-OAA – SAP CAR parts


    • LO-MD-OAA – SAP ERP and S/4 based OAA parts


    • LO-MD-PL – SAP ERP and S/4 based Plant Master parts

Find more information about SAP Retail Omnichannel Commerce in the Customer Wiki.

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