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SAP Hybris Marketing offers two options for triggering campaigns based on customer actions or events:

    1. If you need a near real-time reaction from SAP Hybris Marketing you can use what we call trigger-based campaigns (e.g. a product registration requests the customer to rate the product, change in loyalty membership).


    1. If you want to periodically select customers according to certain criteria and send out mails, you can use the periodic campaigns with dynamic target groups (e.g. all customers whose birthday it is or who have changed their address shall receive a mail).

For both options you need to connect the systems that fetch the interaction (e.g. webshop, website, POS terminal etc.) to SAP Hybris Marketing using the generic interfaces that are provided.

In order to use real-time trigger-based marketing you need to do the following:

    1. Customize which interactions should be used as triggers for campaigns.


    1. Create a trigger-based campaign and select the interaction as the trigger for one or multiple actions.


    1. Optionally you can model and assign criteria like product type, gender, age, region etc. as filter criteria (modeling is done in segmentation using live target group)

Finally you need to select the actions that should occur after the trigger e.g. Send mail, SMS, call center, lead etc

Here you can see how to use this for the “abandon shopping cart” use case.

The second option is to use periodic campaigns with dynamic target groups:

    1. Define a segmentation for your contacts and save it as dynamic target group.


    1. Create a periodic campaign for the dynamic target group and define the recurrence (e.g. every 2 hours, daily)

After activating the campaign it will e.g. run every two hours, fetch the new contacts from the target group and execute the actions (e.g. send out mails). After each campaign recurrence the target group is automatically purged so that contacts are not get contacted multiple times with the same campaign.

In the video below you find a demo on how to use trigger-based marketing for after-sales marketing automation.

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Sara Sampaio

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