What is Utopia?

Utopia is a peer to peer (p2p) closed decentralised ecosystem with a p2p network that is designed to help protect the privacy of personal data and freedom of communication without censorship. This species of an ecosystem is different from others—being a private one, which is free from any type of censorship. Through the decentralised p2p network, there is the provision of a higher security level that does not allow third parties access. This means hacking into it by third part peers is simply impossible. Interestingly, Utopia is looking to creating a self-regulating society with its p2p ecosystem and cryptocurrency, which is mineable!


How Utopia was created.

The developers of Utopia are the 1984 group and cypherpunk who came together to avoid government pressure and protect their developments. With all intentionality, their identities have been masked under the 1984 group, giving the increasing pressure on software developers lately. To ensure data privacy and prevent pressure by the government who are prepared to pressure, take steps to attain the control of total information control over the world, Utopia was created. Interestingly, ever since its inception, this product has continued to serve in positive ways.


Different parties are interested in hiring data for different purposes. Government agencies, private corporations, marketing agencies, hackers and others might be interested in acquiring your data for personal use. Because data is important for transactions, developers of Utopia have succeeded in disguising their identity under the 1984 tag for free operations. It is no news that the internet is a “mine” for data this is why Utopia software is armed with features aimed at providing adequate security, privacy and stability for its users. The features are designed based on the anchor of a decentralization p2p network that functions bi-directionally. Not only does it guarantee that its users enjoy free access and total freedom to the data they want, but it also ensures that the risk of encountering network blocking is negated. Hence, creating a superb user experience. This is not all, Utopia ensures that its users are solely involved in the transmission of data as nodes of Utopia p2p network by not incorporating any central server to store and transmit data during use.


Utopia’s healthy components

The coverage of Utopia’s ecosystem is not limited to only local usage; rather, it is widespread, giving coverage to the incorporation of a large number of applications daily, for effective use. Some of the tools used to achieve this include:

  • Umessenger: The instant messenger (uMessenger) feature ensures that you’re able to perform personal communication. It allows you to send encrypted text, voice messaging and file transfer without interruption.


  • Voice messages: With this feature, you are at liberty to send voice messages as a means of communication, while changing your voice! isn’t this superb?


  • UMail: For spam-free email client (the uMail) works wonders and is an alternative to classic email for secure online communication to Utopia users.


  • Uchats: uChats helps you chat through public and private channels, where you will not be censored. There is a liberty to participate in ongoing discussions as well as start your channels.


  • Own token: Through the services of the built-in mining bot, create your tokens that can be mined (Utopia has also successfully integrated an internal mineable cryptocurrency, called Crypton (CRP); and proceed to carry out un-tracked financial transactions.


  • File storage: Although you can send and receive confidential files and documents, Utopia’s ecosystem ensures that there is high encryption of the ecosystem hence, through the use of a personal server for each user, there is a security of file storage for you.


  • API for developers. Utopia is not a product that is “one-way-traffic”, it allows you to use it in the creation of your integrations and products on the web. It is that easy!


Utopia and the SAP Community

Not only is Utopia limited to it’s healthy components described above, it benefits the SAP Community in the following ways:


Through the infusion of SAP Asset Information Workbench by Utopia (AIW), the tracking, evaluation and monitoring of data has become so easy.


Multi systems-of-record (ERP, engineering, PLM, and maintenance systems) have become easy to access.


Increase in productivity and ability to make smart decisions have been enhanced through the infusion of Utopia into SAP AIW.


The ability to connect multiple systems of data record and standardized reference models in one central location have become feasible.


How Utopia creates a self regulating society:

Not only does Utopia have a super-fast and engaging interface, it also provides a wonderful user experience. You can make financial transactions denominated in it’s unique cryptocurrency called Crypton, a self regulating society which ensures privacy is run.

This feature distinguishes it from much development in the blockchain and private data transfer niche. Utopia also provides the following:

  • operates a network that utilises uNS (Utopia name system) which is a decentralised and uncensored registry, equivalent to the classic DNS
  • You can open an account like any user, even as a developer; you can even host websites with a few “clicks” in the right places. Through this, you can even raise monetization by involving other ecosystem users. No stress, all fun!
  • Keen on hiding your identity while doing great stuff? That’s why Utopia is for you! Total identity protection is guaranteed.
  • Utopia is so unlike many other data transfer products like Signal or Theerema; it is even more superb.
  • Secure communication is a keyword with Utopia. It is a freedom, anonymity and censorship product designed to protect your interest. So you can talk with whomever you want, wherever you want. It is “freedom of speech” came alive.


The focus of Utopia is hinged on creating one functional group of like-minded technologists who are interested in creating a dutiful self-regulating society while giving maximum protection to their digital rights.

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