Session Handling for Multiple Logon

How it works?

    • Log in to Device A with a user id A


    • Now open any record for example, open an Account and try to Edit any data


    • Now go to Device B and log in with the same user id


    • Once you enter the credentials and hit Logon you will get a pop up message as below

    • Here if you click on Yes, this will release the session which is locked in the Device A. Here in this example it will release the lock for the Account that is opened in the Device A


    • If you click No the instance (example: Account) in Device A will still be locked by the user id. In Device B if you try to open the same account, you will receive a message that it is locked by your user id.

Note1: This functionality does not end the log in session of Device A, this will just release the lock of the instances that are running in the Device A.

Note2: This functionality is across all UI’s like HTML5, Responsive UI and Extended Apps.

Note3: This functionality will work only with Normal Logon. Not with SSO.


Edit in parallel session

How it works?

Scenario: 1

    • Log in with a User A


    • Now open any record for example, open an Account and be in Edit mode


    • Consider User B, and open the same Account, and click on Edit, the below message will be shown

    •  So, this will not allow the second user to Edit the same record

Scenario: 2

    • Log in with User A


    • Now open any record for example, open an Account (not in edit mode right now)


    • Consider User B also opens the same account (not in edit mode right now)


    • Now User A clicks on Edit and made some changes to some fields and clicked on Save


    • For User B it will still show old data (changes done by User A is still not shown), as the account was opened by User B before the User A edited the record.


  • Now once User B clicks on Edit, it will refresh and updates the last change that is done by User A. This will help User B to work with the latest data.
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