Technical Wage Types

Technical wage types are mostly created during wage calculations and carry “/” or “§” as the first sign. These wage types mean the same, but the wage types starting with “§” occur in the results for the main personnel number and include the total of wage types with the “/” sign from the reference personnel number.

Bases for Evaluation

Valuation basis per hour/day for wage calculation. They can be set to evaluate other wages. Wage types are not entered but are created during wage calculation

/001 ValBase/PWH average

/002 ValBase/PWH average 2

/003 ValBase/

/004 Val Base/workday

/005 ValBase/PWH planned hours

/0IW Average task wage

/0T1 Average FTE/hour

/0T2 Avg.overtime/hour

/0T3 Average PPU/Pe minimal

/0T4 Average DNP-gross

/0T5 Average DNP-netto

/0T6 Avg.FTE/day

/0T7 Avg.FTE/month

Assessment Bases

The cumulative total of individual wage types belonging to a group for the calculation of other wage types. Wage types are not entered but are created during wage calculation

/101 Total gross amount

/102 EB HI monthly income

/103 EB Social insurance

/104 EB Health insurance per.

/105 EB Accident insurance

/106 EB taxable monthly tab.

/107 AB special tax

/108 AB to limit

/109 AB Withholding tax

/110 Net payments/deductions

/111 EB minimal wage

/112 (EB trade unions)

/113 EB taxable 20%

/114 EB withholding tax AHIS

/122 EB Sickness insurance

/123 EB Unemployment insurance

/124 EB SI Public Sector

/125 EB Wl reserve

/126 AB HI reserve

/127 EB Non-taxable indirect paym

/131 EB insurace prev.year

/160 EB trade unions

/161 EB Garnishments

/162 EB DDP EE in percents

/163 EB DDP ER in percents

/164 EB Social fund


/201 Average base DNP

/202 Average base PPU

/203 Average base Acc

/204 Average base overtime

/205 Average base fixed part

/206 (Average base DNP)

/207 Average base DNP overtime

/208 Average base Availability


/241 Corr.Monthly advance tax

/242 Corr.Tax bonus

/243 Annual tax report

/224 Year HIcal.TaxBonus corr.

/245 ATR employment premium

/250 final

/251 %

/252 %

/253 AllowTaxBase decrease

/260 EE taxes

/261 Contributions EE

/262 Contributions ER

/263 ER taxes

/264 Contributions EE residuals

/265 Contributions ER residuals

/266 Contributions EE – reserve

/267 Insurance ER single

/268 Insurance EE final tax

/269 Insurance ER final tax

/26A Health Insurance EE

/26B Social Insurance EE

/271 Increase of EB HI to min

/272 Increase of EB PI to min

/273 Increase of EB II to min

/274 Increase of EB El to min

/280 PI Limit val.for student

/281 Contribut.exception HI

/282 Contribut.exception SIA

/291 Insurance Contributions Employee from Tax-free Income

/292 Insurance Contributions Employer from Tax-free Income

/455 Tax-exempt products

/456 Tax-free social allowance SF

/458 Exempt.amount from 13.,14.rem.

/459 Non-exempt.amount from 13.,14.rem.

/45A Exempt.amount from 13.,14.rem. PS

/45B Non-exempt.amount from 13.,14.rem. PS

Insurance contributions

/303 SI days

/304 EB Gl over limit

/305 Decrease HI pensioner/cha

/306 EB HI above limit

/307 EB PI above limit

/308 AB SI EE above limit

/309 EB El above limit

/30A EB Dl above limit

/30B EB Ul above limit

/30C AB SI ER above limit

/30D EB Ul ER above limit

/30E EB Gl ER above limit

/30F EB Dl ER above limit

/30G EB RF ER above limit

/30H EB Al ER above limit

/30K AB PI correction M

/30L AB SI correction M

/30M AB Dl correction M

/30N AB Ul correction M

/30O AB HI corr. over limit

/310 EB HI monthly, modified

/311 EB PI monthly, modified

/312 AB SI EE

/313 AB PI ER

/314 AB SI ER

/315 EB PI&EI Publics

/316 AB SI PublicS


/318 EB Unl

/31P EB PI&EI Publics

/31V EB SI st.Public Sector

/31V EB DI st.Public Sector

/31X EB RF st.Public Sector

/320 EB HI single, modified

/321 EB PI single, modified

/322 EB II single, modified

/323 EB El single, modified

/325 EB HI royalties, modified

/326 EB Dl ER

/327 AB UI ER

/330 HI EE monthly, Correction

/331 HI ER monthly, Correction

/332 HI EE single ,correction

/333 HI ER single ,correction

/334 PI EE monthly, Correction

/335 PI ER monthly, Correction

/336 PI EE single correction

/337 PI ER single, correction

/338 II EE monthly, Correction

/339 II ER monthly, Correction

/340 Accident insurance Correction

/341 II ER single ,correction

/342 El EE monthly, Correction

/343 El ER monthly, Correction

/344 El EE single ,correction

/345 EI ER single ,correction

/346 GF ER correction

/347 Ul ER PS

/348 EvBase II EE, correction

/349 EvBase II ER, correction

/34A EvBase Dl EE, correction

/34B EvBase Dl ER, correction

/34C EvBase Ul EE, correction

/34D EvBase Ul ER, correction

/34O HI ER with retro.account.

/34P SI ER with retro.account.

/34Q HI EE with retro.account.

/34R SE EE with retro.account.

/34S HI EE with retro.account.

/34T SE EE with retro.account.

/34U HI ER with retro.account.

/34V SI ER with retro.account.

/34W HI EE transfer

/34X SI EE transfer

/34Y HI ER transfer

/34Z SI ER transfer

/350 HI EE monthly

/351 HI ER monthly

/352 AHIS EE overcharge

/353 AHIS EE arrears

/354 AHIS ER

/355 Old-age pension saving

/356 AHIS ER arrears

/357 Health ins. Corr.

/360 PI EE monthly

/361 PI ER monthly

/362 PI EE single

/363 PI ER monthly

/365 Pension Ins EE Publics

/366 Pension Ins. ER Publics

/367 Disability Ins EE Publics

/368 Disability Ins ER Publics

/370 Sickness ins.EE

/371 Sickness ins.ER

/372 II EE single

/373 SF Social fund ER

/375 Sickness Ins EE PublicS

/376 Sickness Ins ER PublicS

/380 El EE monthly

/381 El ER monthly

/382 Wl reserve

/383 El ER single

/384 Guarantee fund ER

/38A Contributions prev.empl.

/38V Old-age pen.state PublicS

/38W Disab.p.state PublicS

/38X RF state PublicS

/391 Insurance prev. year

/392 EB HI increased by SPS

/395 Foreign insurance EE

/397 Foreign insurance ER

/3R0 Unused leave Healthl ER

/3R1 Unused leave Sicknessl ER

/3R2 Unused leave SI ER

/3R3 Unused leave Disabl ER

/3R4 Unused leave Unempll ER

/3R5 Unused leave AccidentI

/3R6 Unused leave GuaranI

/3R7 Unused leave ReserveF


/400 Total Employment Tax

/401 Advance tax

/402 Special tax

/403 Annual tax report

/410 Final tax (<3000)

/411 Withholding tax

/412 Final tax 20%

/413 Annual tax report < min.

/414 Withholding tax HI

/415 Withholding tax (dividends)

/419 Taxes from prev.period

/420 Tax base increase,

/421 Tax increase, monthly

/422 Tax increase, single

/423 Employment premium ATR

/424 Tax bonus from ATR

/425 – Car – income in kind

/430 Calculation base

/43D Tax bonus

/43M Transport costs -corr.

/43N Transport costs

/43O DDP (voluntary Pens.ins)

/43R Additional costs

/43X Tax free-personal

/440 Thirds for garnishment

/441 Taxable income /106

/442 Taxable income /107

/443 Taxable income /108

/44A Thirds for offense

/44B Thirds for support on WT

/44C Thirds with zero base rate

/452 Gross annual amount

/453 Employment tax refund

Previous Employer

/487 Income

/488 Insurance contribution

/489 Prev. ER Supp Pens.lnsur.

/48A Prev.ER income

/48B Tax

/48C UnapplDecucSuppPenslnsur

/48D Tax bonus paid

/48E Targeted savings

/48F Life insurance

/48G Overcharge AnnuHIYearCalc

/48H Undercharge AnnHIYearCalc

/48I Cont. education payment

/48J Claim ccnt. ed. payment

/48K Incorrect.paid emp.prem.

/48L Social insurance

/48M Health Insurance

/48P SPS voluntary contrib.

/48S Income from agreements

/48Z Tax withheld

/490 Artistic fund constribut.

/491 Music fund contribution

/492 Fine art fund contrib.

/D06 Advance tax base

Statutory net pay

/550 Statutory net pay

/551 Recalculation difference

/552 Subs.clearing/prev.month

/553 last payr.

/557 Cash payment

/558 Payment of balance

/559 Bank transfer

/560 Payment Amount

/561 Claim

/562 Balance of payment amount

/563 Claim from previous month

/564 Advance Payment

/565 Carry-over for next month

/566 Carry-over fr. prev. month

/567 Gross difference ret.acc.NB

/591 Payment to MPP

/592 Payment from SPP

Incentive Wages

/700 Wage/salary + ER contr.

/730 Month wage/salary unreduc.

Reduction Factors

/801 Partial period factor 1

/802 Partial period factor 2

/803 Parental allowance

/804 Partial period factor 4

/805 Partial period factor 5

/806 Partial period factor 6

/807 Partial period factor 7

/808 Partial period factor 8

/809 Partial period factor 9

/810 Partial period factor 10

/811 Partial period factor 11

/812 Partial period factor 12

/813 Partial period factor 13

/814 Partial period factor 14

/815 Partial period factor 15

/816 Partial period factor 16

/817 Partial period factor 17

/818 Partial period factor 18

/819 Partial period factor 19

Wage Types for Cost Accounting

/840 Diff. to avg. month

/841 Paid leave

/842 (Not Rated)

/843 (Not Rated)

/844 Paid public holidays

/845 Total paid non-work

/846 Total unpaid absences

/847 Absence

/848 Unpaid absence

/849 Substitute vacation

Wage Types for Absences

/850 Planned working hours

/851 Planned work hrs worked

/852 Overtime hours

/853 Hours deducted from pubHo

/854 Unpaid absences to Hlbase

/855 Hours reduced from inc.wg

/856 WrkPIc Availability hours

/860 Calend.days to ELDZ

/861 Calend.days from ELDZ

/862 Inoperable EE hours

/863 Flexi free hours

/864 Flexi work hours

/865 W.T.Account hours

/866 WTA paid hours

/867 WTA unpaid hours

/870 SF – Oblig.Contrib.Creat.

/872 SF – Advanc.Contrib.Creat

/874 SF – from profit creati.

/881 SPI on ER from costs

/883 SPI on ER from profits

/896 Increase of tax base

/960 Supplement to the minimum wage claim

MH02 Pers.obstruct. unpaid WH

MH06 Education leave unpaid WH

MH08 Working off of paid leave

MH09 Detention of remand WH

MH10 Long-term public interest

MH12 Excused strike

MH15 Parental leave WH

MH16 Maternity leave unpaid WH

Differences from Retroactive Accounting – Accumulations

/A02 Cumul./102 in retro

/A03 Cumul./103 in retro

/A04 Cumul./104 in retro

/A05 Cumul./105 in retro

/A06 Cumul./106 in retro

/A07 Cumul./107 in retro

/A09 Cumul./109 in retro

/A12 Cumul./112 in retro

/A13 Cumul./113 in retro

/A14 Cumul. /114 in retro

/A22 Cumul./122 in retro

/A23 Cumul./123 in retro

/A24 Cumul./124 in retro

/A25 Cumul./125 in retro

/A26 Cumul./126 in retro

/A60 Cumul./160 in retro

/A61 Cumul./261 in retro

/A62 Cumul./162 in retro

/A63 Cumul./163 in retro

/A64 Cumul./164 in retro

/A66 Cumul./266 in retro

/AX1 Cumul./161 in retro


/D02 Income for HI total

/D06 Taxable income in total

/D08 base under lim.

/D09 Allowance tax base

Garnishment Wage Types

/EDE Deponace – change

/ENB New dep. BV

/END New dep.DV+OST

/ENZ New balance

/ESB Old dep. BV

/ESD Old dep.DV+OST

/ESZ Old balance

/EU1 Used from 1./3

/EU2 Used from 2./3

/EUE Paid externaly

/EV1 Garnishment from 1./3

/EV2 Garnishment from 2./3

/EVP Garnish. requested

/EZB Change of depon. BV

/EZD Change of depon DV+OST

Wage Types for Loans

/LCI Interest-bearing capital

/LEE Sp.repayment, external

/LEP Special payroll repayment

/LER Delete

/LEX Complete repayment

/LFP Loan charges

/LIC Cumulated interest

/LID Interest due

/LIM Interest for current month

/LLB Loan balance

/LO3 Loan payment on 3rd.pers.

/LOE External loan payment

/LOP Loan payment – payroll

/LRP Regular repayment

/LTE Transfer loan balance

Wage Types for Averages

/T00 Tmp.avg for DNP used ?

/T01 Ext.avg.PPU fixed

/T02 Ext.avg.PPU temporary

/T03 not used

/T04 not used

/T05 Ext.avg.DNP fixed

/T06 Ext.avg.DNP temporary

/T09 (Min.PPU avg)

/T10 Average PPU, temporary

/T11 Average PPU, fixed

/T12 Minimal avg. PPU

/T13 not used

/T14 Insured days of SI

/T15 Min EB of HI

/T16 Minimal wage claim

/T19 SI days and excl. days

/T1B Insured days II

/T1C Ins.days DI

/T1D Ins.days UI

/T1E Ins.days AI

/T1F Insured days GI

/T1S Insured days HI

/T20 not used

/T21 not used

/T23 not used

/T30 Average DNP, temporary

/T31 Average DNP, fixed

/T33 not used

/T34 DNPfrozen, lower rate

/T35 DNPfrozen, higher rate

/T36 ENPGross average/month

/T40 Bonus spread, monthly

/T41 Bonus spread, quarterly

Differences from Retroactive Accounting – Current

/Z02 Act.diff./102 retro

/Z03 Act.diff./103 retro

/Z04 Act.diff./104 retro

/Z05 Act.diff./105 retro

/Z06 Act.diff./106 retro

/Z07 Act.diff./107 retro

/Z08 Act.diff./108 retro

/Z09 Act.diff./109 retro

/Z12 Act.diff./112 retro

/Z13 Act.diff./113 retro

/Z14 Act.diff./114 retro

/Z22 Act.diff./122 retro

/Z23 Act.diff./123 retro

/Z24 Act.diff./124 retro

/Z25 Act.diff./125 retro

/Z26 Act.diff./126 retro

/Z60 Act.diff./160 retro

/Z61 Act.diff./261 retro

/Z62 Act.diff./162 retro

/Z63 Act.diff./163 retro

/Z64 Act.diff./164 retro

/Z66 Act.diff./266 retro

/ZX1 Act.diff./161 retro


Informational wage types in case of multiple employments

For reason of better clarity, the new informational wage types were created in case of multiple employments so that it is possible to display taxable income for individual personnel numbers, taxable income in total for all reference number and accounting differences on subsidiary reference numbers using one wage type.

/C06 – Taxable income

/D06 – Taxable income in total

/B06 – Cumul./106 retr.acc.-unit

/Y06 – Cur.diff./106 RetrAccUnit

/C02 – Income for HI

/D02 – Income for HI total

/B02 – Cumul./102 retr.acc.-unit

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