SAP will be launching a new SAP Partner Finder on July 29, 2021, which has been redesigned to reflect the evolution of our partner program and to offer a greatly enhanced user experience with improved search capabilities and simplified market language.

The SAP Partner Finder on allows prospects to find partners that best fit their needs based on experience and expertise. Partners can also use SAP Partner Finder to find other partners to collaborate with on deals.

A visitor of the SAP Partner Finder can request to be contacted by a specific partner. Learn more about the interest forms.

The new SAP Partner Finder will better match prospects with partners that meet their needs by considering multiple factors like the number of SAP-certified consultants, geography, industry focus, partner value proposition, and additional resources which a partner can choose to spotlight their expertise, such as apps published on the SAP Store, success stories, or SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions.

With the addition of the partner grouping agreement, partners who have an SAP agreement in multiple locations partners will combine their group expertise into one unified company profile. SAP Platinum partners will also be grouped into one unified company profile.

Take Action – Complete Your SAP Partner Finder Profile Today!

The SAP Partner Finder is a powerful free demand generation tool that drives opportunities for partners to fuel their business. Be sure to deliver a lasting impression with prospects by delivering an exceptional profile. While the new SAP Partner Finder will offer an improved user experience, it does require that partners create and publish a new company profile. If a new profile is not completed by July 28, your company will not be listed when the new SAP Partner Finder launches.

Complete your profile here

Please note: 
July 28 is only the deadline for the go-live on July 29. If you complete and publish your profile after that date, it will be automatically added to the new SAP Partner Finder.


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