Storage Location (Warehouses) in FSM are important to the technician during the consumption of the material and posting the goods movement to S4. Considering FSM company(country), there can be multiple warehouses that belong to different regions across the country. The technician needs to be provided only with the related warehouses which he is addressing the issue in the activity and should not be able to consume materials from other warehouses.

Let us understand how we can restrict the visibility of the warehouses in the integrated environment S4-FSM using PACG Connector.

In current PACG connector configuration, all warehouses which are listed under the “E4C Warehouse” table will be sent to FSM application for all technicians irrespective of functional location the technician is working on.

We can restrict the warehouse visibility to the technicians based on the Storage locations linked to functional locations in S4. Only those storage locations are required to be available to the technicians for which the technician is responsible person in an activity.

Taking an example of a functional location, having SPF1, SPF5 and SPF6 as default storage locations to the functional location XAXX-XXX. Also considering SLB1, SLB2 and SLB3 other Storage locations which belong to the country XA but not related to the functional location XAXX-XXX.

A service order with operation is dispatched to the technician with Personnel number: 1. By enhancing the BADI -/PACG/ECM_IDOC_OUTPUT, these storage locations will be mapped to the service technician in Connector T.code: /PACG/ECM_WRHOUSEO – “E4C additional owners of storage location”. After which the standard sends the same data to FSM cloud.


Mapping of the owners in table

IDocs for Warehouse are triggered to FSM with Perno: 1 as the owner.


IDocs triggered for Warehouse

In FSM, user group permissions, the user permission to view objects “Warehouse and ItemWarehouseLevel” should be made as READ – own permission.


Warehouse Permission of User Group


ItemWarehouseLevel Permissions in User Group

When the technician receives the activity, he will be able to see only the three storage locations linked to the Functional Location and cannot see all the storage locations for the company.


Mobile screenshot showing restricted warehouse

With this, the storage location restriction can be set to view and consume the materials for a particular warehouse.



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