The SAP community with 3 million users represents a full range of SAP customers,

partners, developers, mentors, champions, and the Next-Gen of professionals. The community celebrates knowledge, insights, and expertise.

A fun and visible part is the recognition of SAP Innovation Awards participation by way of reputation badges which recognize the achievements of participants, finalists, honorable mentions, and winners.

Advantages of displaying these badges include:

  • Awareness amongst peers and a dynamic SAP professional network
  • Shareable credentials on social media, email signatures, and websites
  • Visibility in the context of your SAP Community profile by way of blogs, posts, Question & Answer forums as well as SAP Learning Rooms
  • Prominence in the SAP Community

Confirming Your SAP Community Member Link

In order to receive a badge, you will need to include your “SAP Community Profile URL” in the entry form of your submission and be an active member of the community.

To access your profile URL, you can use one of the following:

If you need help verifying your SAP Community profile, please contact SAP Community Support.

Please note that your badge is recognized and maintained only within the SAP Community domain user profile.

Where Can I See My Badge?

Earned badges are displayed on your SAP Profile. It will appear in the “Reputation” view of your profile when it is awards (see image on the right).


You can navigate there by clicking the “Manage My Account” link under your profile photo (upper right corner of Community members will see it when they click on your profile photo under the “Reputation” area.


Need help? Have a question? Contact the SAP Innovation Awards team.

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Sara Sampaio

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