HCM monthly support


I provide support on all of the following modules:
Organizational Structure
1- Organizational structure problems related to linking cost centers and departments
2- Departmental problems related to the link between departments and positions
3- The problems of linking the employees with the positions

Personnel administration
1- Complete the missing data and upload it to the system
2- Analyzing the problems that arise due to employee data
3- Adjusting the process of hiring, resignation, or otherwise
4- Linking employee data with the organizational structure in order to achieve integration

Time management (time evaluation)
1- Adding and modifying vacation types IT2006
2- Adding and modifying the combination IT0416
3- Add and modify shifts IT0007
3- Add and modify attendance types IT2002
4- Analysis of entry and exit data for employees IT2011
5- Substation IT2003
6- Rating rang PT60

1- Solve all payroll problems according to the localization and the company’s policy
2- Create new year changes that occur annually
3- Create wage types
4- Run payroll monthly and solve salary problems

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