With the first half (1H) 2021 release now in preview, I wanted to provide a quick overview of some of the enhancements for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. One key theme with this release is flexibility. You’ll see several enhancements designed to give your teams direct access and control over areas that previously required professional services or partner support. In addition, we continue to enhance common workflows, such as multi-location job posting and universal people search, to ensure better alignment with your specific business and recruiting needs.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the 1H2021 enhancements for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting (for additional information, please refer to the What’s New Viewer):

Job Posting Enhancements


Posting a Job to Multiple Locations: This enhancement eliminates the need to create several job postings for different places. Now, Location is a new category that saves the Location, Postcode, and the Country/Region information, and a new mapping named Map to location Foundation Object (Multiple locations supported) is introduced to the job posting rule to fetch the Foundation Object location information. When posting the jobs to multiple locations, you can set the Field Completion Rules to auto-populate the location information with default values or the Location Foundation Object defined in the job requisition template (see demo video here).

Additional Options for Contact Information with Job Board Postings: This enhancement allows you to choose among more specific fields when mapping contact information for the job posting form. Options now include: the User, the Posting Profile, or one of the Job Requisition Operators.

‘Invalid Fields’ Job Status Available: You can now see a new job status, Invalid Fields, in the job postings table when the job board’s system sends back error messages because of one or more incorrectly populated fields while posting a job. Clicking the Invalid Fields status provides detailed status information about the posted job.

Job Board Unavailability Indicator: If a job board is unavailable, either due to maintenance or change in integration, you will now see a warning sign next to the job board’s name to indicate why it is unavailable. This visibility will allow you to re-organize the posting process and keep recruiters informed.

New Job Boards in the Job Board Market Place: 8 new job boards have been added to the Recruiting Posting catalog, including:

  • Career Connections – Canada
  • gouv.fr – France
  • com – France
  • no – Norway
  • sk – Slovakia
  • net (The Network) – Spain
  • ch – Switzerland
  • vn – Vietnam

Universal People Search Enhancements


Contingent Worker Indicator Added: The Advanced Search of Universal People Search has been enhanced to display a new column that indicates contingent workers (see demo video here). This enhancement is the continuation of the advanced search improvements (RCM-71358) that were released in 2H2020.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting: Advanced Search on Universal People Search

Career Site Builder Enhancements  


SSL Certificate Renewal Reminders for Career Sites: To avoid career sites from becoming unreachable due to an expired SSL certificate, Career Site Builder now offers two reminder methods: A pop-up dialog that appears when logging into Career Site Builder, as well as the ability to enable email reminders for admin users. In addition, the expiration of SSL certificates has been shortened to 398 days to improve security, with reminders being sent a year after an SSL certificate’s renewal date.

Advanced Cookie Banner and Management Settings: This allows site visitors to review, modify, and accept cookies of varying types, such as functional, performance, or advertising. These cookie options will help customers increase opt-ins for essential cookies, while adhering to GDPR requirements. The cookie banner can be enabled and configured within Career Site Builder.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting: Advanced Cookie Management

Content Security Policy (CSP): Customers can now configure a CSP for their public career sites powered by Career Site Builder. The CSP is a browser security mechanism that restricts the sources from which the browser can load resources. By enabling a CSP, customers can better protect their career site pages from attacks including Cross Site Scripting and data injection.

Site Source Editor Now Available in CSB: Previously, CSB admins had no ability to control the availability of site sources in the Source Tracker, as this could only be performed in the backend Command Center. With this enhancement, a new permission (Site Source Editor), can be assigned to allow users to specify what sources are available in the Source Tracker, directly from CSB.

Enhanced Link Management: In order to help customers improve their search-engine optimization (SEO) settings and ensure positive brand reputation, we’ve enabled the ability to prevent URLs that include manually added inappropriate phrases from linking back to the career site. This can be managed in the SEO Settings, with the Terms to Avoid field (exact match no longer needed; now based on terms included in URL string) and Noindex Search Pages option.

Additional Branding Options:

  • Custom font size upload increased from 500 KT to 50 MB (customer community idea)
  • Ability to edit existing category page names in CSB (Name field now editable)

Data & Processing Enhancements


Russia Data Residency Solution: You can now process personally identifiable data according to Russia Personal Data Legislation (RPDL) for candidates that list Russian Federation as their country/region of residence. This can include either candidate profiles or job application data, as well as attachments.

We are excited to deliver these new innovations and continue our path to HXM with our Recruiting customers.  For full details, please check out the What’s New Viewer.



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