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Taking a step further, to give clarity and explanation of some questions raised by the customers during the SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics Q&A session, we have picked the top 10 topics and shared some details below.


Availability of Learning module in Stories in People Analytics

The Learning module availability date will depend on the DC – starting in June – roll out schedule is available here


AYT-31163 Enhanced Built-In Support for Story Reports – Who can access this tab

This Support tab is available for Admin users as it is today. The enhancement basically adds the People Analytics support to the In-built support drawer.


Current limitations on using Learning Data in Stories in People Analytics

The current limitations for Learning in People Analytics can be found in the Help Portal page:


OAuth2 authentication connection with Workforce Analytics

The OAuth2 authentication guide for WFA has been updated in Help Portal page:


Availability of Learning Templates in Stories in People Analytics

You can start building Stories using learning data yourself using the self-service Story designer – this is much simpler to use (no coding) then the previous Learning Report Designer tool, and is all through the browser. Template content, on the other hand, is planned for a future release and is not available at the moment.


How to schedule Story reports

Story reports can be scheduled but it is limited to offline download in csv format only:


Latest plan for deprecating other reporting tools

The current announcement on deprecating other reporting tools is available in our community –


Existing reports from legacy tools working with Stories in People Analytics

Stories in People Analytics is a new Reporting tool and will have no impact on the legacy reporting tools. You can continue to run your existing reports and start to use Story reports with no issue.


Reusing existing data source queries to create new Story reports

Currently, a query build is tied to a single Story and cannot be used outside of that report.


Story reports and instance refresh

Story reports do not get copied over as part of the Instance Refresh process to allow you to have the required set of stories selectively in the instance post refresh. You can move the reports from source to target, and can also keep a backup from the target instance prior to the Instance Refresh using the export/import functionality. This way you’d be selectively keep the desired Stories in the instance.


Other Release specific recommended information:

Have any queries on SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics?

  • Please use our community for asking questions.
  • A specific Jam group has also been created for customers to engage in the SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics Road Map. This is the most appropriate place to raise questions regarding the future of the solution. To gain access to this group please contact and request access to the Jam group
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