Under the challenging business circumstances innovation is ever crucial to succeed. Service in S/4HANA Cloud 2008 brings exciting news to support that. We are introducing a new solution capability, Solution Order Management for higher-margin solutions offering Sales and Service products.

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Introducing Solution Order Management (4GT)

Solution Order supports higher-margin solutions offering Sales and Service products

Solution order management is designed to support the hybrid solutions, which are the outcome of business requirement to offer sales products and combined service products as a package in an effort to increase the revenue stream and to generate higher margin.

Solution order management enables the end to end process to offer a solution with sales and service products in a single order.

Figure 1: End to end process flow of Solution Order Management 

This new solution capability brings all the functionalities to support an end-to-end process. And there is a new business role, Solution Order Specialist, is also delivered to manage the process with Solution orders. Solution order specialist can create of a solution order directly at S/4HANA Cloud. And it is also possible to derive it from different sources through API.

By releasing the solution order with different products like physical goods, one-time service or long running services, a Sales Order, a Service Order, and a Service Contract will be generated for further processing. You will need to process a delivery for the sales order. And for Service order, the service confirmation should be followed. Both will go through billing process either as separate invoices or as a single invoice by utilizing extensibility. All necessary documents in the process are connected to the solution order so it is convenient to check the process flow and progress in a glance.

Especially there is a feature – Solution Order Progress. This feature visualizes all necessary documents in the process in a single screen. It is convenient to check the status of any document in the process if it has any situation to check and act upon.

It is also enabled to perform margin analysis with reference to solution orders. You can check the end to end process under the following demo.

Demo 1: End to end process of processing a Solution order, which provide the hybrid solution with Sales and Service products


Enhancements on In-House Repair (3XK)

In-House Repair process has been delivering continuous improvements. In 2008, there are several features to contribute to operational excellence. Service representatives are now able to assign a Service team on a repair quotation. A service team is an organizational unit to which the service employee is assigned. This allows early and consistent assignment of a repair center, in which increases efficiency in the processing.

And the app ‘Prepare for Billing’ is now enhanced under In-House Repair process. This allows users to verify and release repair items without navigating to another app. It is possible to choose a billing relevant item from New in-app list and release for billing to create a BDR.

Moreover, we are introducing situation handling capability with automatic notifications. Service representatives can get alerted when there is a situation in need of making decisions, for example, In-house repair hasn’t been confirmed within a defined number of days after its creation or Billing-relevant repair object is still in status ‚Bill’ after a defined number of days. This will support service representatives to make timely decisions for necessary actions in In-House repair process.


Demo 2: Situation handling in In-House repair process


Service Order Management
Service Quotation enables consistent features with Service Order (4GA)


In 2008, Service quotations support more service scenarios like pick from stock scenario and the service delivery with external workforce. And a service team can be assigned on a service quotation and can be copied over to a Service order. These features which were introduced on Service orders in previous releases are now available on service quotations as well. This will ensure consistent user experience from creation of service quotations and generate service orders.

Track incomplete service orders by dates and equipment (43B)

Service Management Overview in Analytics supports service managers to identify easily service orders with upcoming due dates upon criteria like requested start/ end, first response by, due by, planned start/ end.

It is also enabled to search incomplete service orders by equipment so that service managers can drive actions upon critical equipment for key customers.

Service Contract Management (3MO)

It is enabled to copy, edit, and delete Price Agreement conditions, which makes the change process of Service contracts much easier.


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