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In this blog post, I would like to explain Time effort rejection using Time and Material journal module of SAP Field Service Management.

When a Service Technician receives an Activity to service the Turbine(as an example) that is affected, he should fill the amount of work he has put in to Service the Turbine in Effort screen and send the data to cloud. The Approver can do any one of the following in Time and Material Journal.

  1. Review – By selecting this option, the status of the record will change from Pending to Review and the record can be reviewed and/or modified as needed before being approved, declined, deleted, or sent back to the technician/field employee as a change request.
  2. Approve – By selecting this option, the status of the record will change from Pending/Review to Approved. The information from the record can then be synchronized with the ERP system in the backend for billing/invoicing purposes.
  3. Request for change – By selecting this option, the technician/field employee will receive a notification with a prompt to update/append the record and resubmit for approval.
  4. Decline – By selecting this option, the record status will change from Pending/Review to Declined. This record will not be considered for billing/invoicing purpose.
  5. Delete – By selecting this option, the record will be removed from the Time & Material screen and will no longer be visible/available.

Note: Once the activity is closed, the Technician can no longer fill efforts for the Activity.

Now, let us see the steps on how the Time effort rejection works in SAP Field Service Management.

Step1: Technician Fills the effort from Activity -> ‘+’ -> Effort.

Step 2: After Time effort is filled and saved, Technician can edit and make any changes before synchronization.

Step 3: Once the technician Synchronizes, the data is available in Time and Material Journal with Pending status for the Planner to Approve or Decline.

Step 4: The planner reviews the Time effort posted by the Technician by changing the status to Review. Choose the record and select Review.

Step 5: The record is in review status with decision remarks.

Step 6: After review status the planner can either Approve or request for change.

Note: The Planner can skip the Review step and directly Approve the record or Request for change.

Step 7: When the Time effort status is changed to Request change, Technician receives notification for the Request change.

Step 8: Technician can choose to edit and make the changes requested by the Planner.

Step 9: After making the changes and sending to cloud the record will be available for Approval with status Pending in Time and Material Journal.

Step 10: Once the record is Approved the Technician can sync the data to ERP system for further process of invoicing.

Step 11: When the record is Declined the Technician will have no record of effort posted for service carried out instead, he should post a new Time effort.

Step 12: When the record is deleted it will be removed from Time and Material Journal.


In this blog post, we have seen how the Technician posts a time effort for an Activity and how it is Approved or Declined by the Planner in SAP Field Service Management Cloud Application. This is purely a standard process no customization is required.




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