This blog post deals with the topic “Integration of S/4 HANA into SAP Customer Checkout“ and is primarily aimed to SAP sales or presales consultants. SAP Customer Checkout is an intelligent point-of-sale solution that has been gradually developed by the young product team over the past few years. The solution is a one hundred percent in-house development by SAP, the product core of which is characterized by a high degree of integration into many SAP subsystems. Standard integration into the S/4 HANA system is possible with the latest versions.

Target group = existing customers who are actually quite satisfied with their SAP systems. It is just a shame that the cash registers are not yet integrated. Furthermore, isolated solutions, in particular, determine the store. Some of it is quite cumbersome. The employees are annoyed and the customers in the store are impatient. That is the way it is when the data sets come from different sources. Typical areas of application are factory sales, innovative store concepts in the city center, pop-up stores in metropolises, process-oriented branch stores or dealers with shop integrations.

No matter what country your customer is in, no matter how big the company is, with SAP Customer Checkout you can integrate the checkout into the SAP ERP system landscape. Since the software was developed entirely in-house, there is constant further development and SAP ensures that the respective applicable fiscal regulations in the countries are complied with. This means that SAP Customer Checkout is already fiscalized in over 43 countries and partners can meet any local requirement thanks to a plug-in concept.

In addition to an SAP S/4 HANA, other subsystems can be integrated at any time, including:

  • SAP Integration middleware (PI, PO, CPI)
    • Process Integration
    • Process Orchestration
  • SAP CAR OPP – Omnichannel Promotion Pricing
  • SAP ECC / Retail
  • SAP Analytics Cloud for evaluation and controlling

The SAP Customer Checkout solution consists of two software components:

  • SAP Customer Checkout
  • SAP Customer Checkout Manager

The connection between SAP Customer Checkout and the ERP system has the advantage that transactions at the cash register are displayed in the SAP system in near real-time. Thereby the SAP Customer Checkout Manager plays the central role in the integration project. The subsystems are configured via a central configuration.

All in all, integration into the SAP stack with Customer Checkout offers convincing advantages:

  • quick installation
  • short project durations (< 6 months) for large installations due to a configurable roll-out concept
  • flexible expansion concept
  • web-based interface
  • module for update and release planning
  • consistent SAP STACK in all areas of the company !!!

If do you have questions about how to integrate your ERP system, do not hesitate to contact me.

Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

Author Since: November 19, 2020

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