On March 5th, 2018, SAP Customer Checkout has released SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 05.

The new Feature Pack provides enhancements to existing functionalities and new features in SAP Customer Checkout and the SAP Customer Checkout manager.

In SAP Customer Checkout, the new Feature Pack includes the following:

The following enhancements are the main highlights of the new feature pack:

  • Integration Hub: possibility to use one SAP Customer Checkout manager system as Integration Hub and transfer receipts to other connected systems (SAP Customer Checkout manager, SAP PI).
  • Central Receipt Parking
  • Dual-language Print Settings
  • Automatic Batch Number Finding
  • Multiple Sequence Number Support for Articles and Customers in SAP Customer Checkout manager

Furthermore, the new Feature Pack includes the following enhancements in SAP Customer Checkout:

  • Fetch parked receipts from SAP Customer Checkout manager
  • Possibility to print foreign language material description on receipts (for SAP Business One only)
  • Extended print settings, for example, possibility to print sales receipts in two languages
  • Optimized Support of automatic batch and serial number finding (for SAP Business One only)
  • Force login on a POS system when using central drawer management
  • Top-up vouchers in Kiosk and Hospitality mode
  • Using EFT payment terminal for Kiosk/ Hospitality mode
  • Possibility to deactivate EFT payment terminal during day-end closing
  • Optimized permission during day-end closing (possibility to step back)
  • Allow nullbon in Kiosk and Hospitality mode
  • Cancelling single sales items in Kiosk mode
  • Possibility to hide set components for sales sets in Kiosk and Hospitality mode
  • Enhanced automatic lock and logout settings for users
  • Entering port number during installation process of SAP Customer Checkout
  • Prevent login to SAP Customer Checkout for blocked users (EU GDPR)
  • Running integrity check once the period-end close for a year has been finished (French Certification NF 525)
  • The supported languages for the user interface of SAP Customer Checkout and the SAP Customer Checkout manager are now extended to support Arabic (limited support)
  • RKSV Plugin (only Austria): Will be usable in Hospitality and Kiosk Mode

In the SAP Customer Checkout manager, the new Feature Pack includes the following:

  • Optimized login screen of SAP Customer Checkout manager
  • Extended tab view within the Configuration tile: new tabs Destinations, Dispatcher, Sequence number consumers
  • Optimized settings for sequence numbers for customers and articles
  • Using sequence number for creation of articles and customers
  • New tile available showing all Business Object Locks on Receipts, when using Central Receipt Parking
  • New flag available for each sales report to use current org. structure; this allows to show also sales data of POS systems, which once were not part of the current organizational structure
  • Copying of existing articles
  • Generating time recording export files based on roles
  • Support of HANA 2.0 for the installation of SAP Customer Checkout manager

A detailed presentation of all new features and functions in SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 05 will be available soon on our PartnerEdge page (Access to PartnerEdge needed)

This is all that i wanted to share with you.

In this blog, you have learnt about the features which are released with SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 FP05.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Best of luck with your SAP Customer Checkout journey.

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About me: 
My name is Bikash Bansal. I work for SAP SE, Germany. My current role is of Product Owner for SAP Customer Checkout.
You can find more blogs from me about SAP Customer Checkout here .

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