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Here are the newest features released in SAP Conversational AI in May!

Feature of the month #1 ⭐️ Enhanced User Experience with New Platform Design

Benefit from first-class accessibility and usability with the new platform design. Your bot building experience has been enhanced by focusing on performance and responsiveness, including:

  • The implementation of consistent behavior for all the user interface elements with the revamped screens
  • The improvement of color and contrast settings as per product standards
  • The improvement of typography with text resizing and consistent content hierarchical structure

Watch the video to learn more about these changes!

Feature of the month #2 ⭐️ Bot Transport

Scale and secure your bots faster than before. Now you can export and import your existing bots across your SAP Conversational AI enterprise tenants or community tenant. You can replicate the changes from one tenant to another (like development, test, production) without the need to re-build the bots from scratch in the target tenant. This feature is available for both action and FAQ bots.

Action Required: Data Policy of Existing Bots

You must define the Type of Data under Data Policy for all your existing bots. With the August 2021 release, for all the bots that are missing this information, the Type of Data will be automatically set as Sensitive Personal.

See data policy >

Action Required: Manual Training for Existing Bots

As of May release, the training mode for all the existing bots is set to Manual. You can set it as Automatic in your bot Settings, under Versions. This means that your bot will no longer be automatically trained after each change made to the dataset. If your dataset has been modified, you need to manually trigger the training.

Train your bot >

Trigger skills with Microsoft Teams

Enhance your conversation flow with the button type Trigger Skill, now supported by a bot connected to Microsoft Teams. This button enables the user to directly trigger the right action during a conversation, without having to resolve an utterance or going through the basic conversation flow.

See message types > 

Enhanced Custom Messages

While defining bot replies with message type List or Carousel(created using scripting), you can add a detail section for each item to provide more contextual information in the form of attributes (label and value pairs). When a user clicks on a list item or a card, the details are displayed in a modal view.
This is available only if your bot is connected to SAP Conversational AI Web Client.

See custom messages >


LINE Channel

The message types ButtonsQuick Replies, and Custom (under Custom tile) are now supported by a bot connected to the LINE channel.
You can define Buttons and Quick Replies by either using the relevant tile or the Custom message type.

See channels >

Automating testing for FAQ bots
Available in Enterprise Edition only

Enhance the accuracy of your FAQ bots. You can now automate the testing of the test sentences (expressions) for FAQ documents to verify the expected response from the bot whenever changes are made to the document. Using this, you can validate the top one to three responses.

Secured Bot Ownership Transfer

In order to improve overall security, the ownership of a bot or an organization can be transferred only after the approval of the recipient bot or organization owner. If specific tasks are triggered, an email is sent to the bot developer or an org admin/s to request consent. The bot developer or admin can either accept or decline the request.

See organizations >

Forking Data Policy

Forking a bot now copies the data policy settings of the source bot. You can change the data policy of the forked bot under your bot Settings.

Learn more >

There is more! Read our changelog to stay up-to-date with new features, improvements, and deprecations implemented in our chatbot building platform.

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