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The purpose of this article is to demonstrate and explain how SAP Integration Suite (aka CPI) can be use case to drop a file to sFTP server without pushing manually from client system and can also be automated based on your scheduled time.  (Avoiding Human Intervention)

How to Set Up Integration Suite Trial Account


Pre-requisites :

  • Access to your SAP Commissions sFTP Dropbox
  • SAP Integration Suite [aka CPI] ( Follow above link to get Trail Account)

Step 1: How to get Access to SAP Commissions sFTP?

Raise a CallidusCloud Support ticket sharing your Public key and the Technical support team will confirm once the public key is configured to your tenant server.
Technical Support will share the hostname and username for access

Test it locally through testing in WinScp through your Private key generated.

Once you log in, you can see the folder structures.  that confirms you can log in successfully

Note: If In case, you have trouble accessing your sFTP – Contact Support team.

Refer this Article to (Important to do) :

SAP CPI SFTP Adapter configuration from PuTTY Private Key(.ppk) File

Step 2: Let’s design the Iflow in Integration Suite for dropping the sample file type called BOEXTRACTTRIG.

  • Login to your Integration Suite or Cloud Platform Integration (CPI)
  • Go to Design and start creating your own Iflow

Integration flow design 

Let’s configure the filename to drop the file in the Inbound folder for processing.

I am triggering the Iflow through python call to execute and maybe, you can automate this through scheduled time. File is seen in Inbound folder after 200 response code.

Later, you can see the file got processed in Commission Data Loader (CDL) Jobs

How to Connect to Third-Party Services Using SAP Integration Suite?

Complete this Tutorial:


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