If you observed closely, you might have recognized that we hit the next iteration for a new release upgrade of SAP BTP ABAP Environment again. Given the variety of different areas in which we have released features, I want to share this quick condensed overview with you.

As always, please refer to our official release notes page for the full set of features with all available details.

Enablement of New Reuse Services

One main focus of this release was to enable enhanced support for reuse services in ABAP. This includes a direct integration with the SAP BTP Document Management Service, a new Fiori App for the monitoring of email transmissions as well as an enhanced authorization concept for Application Jobs. For more details, please refer to the respective section below.

ABAP Development Tools

  • Support for creating and editing text elements in the new Text Element Editor (details)
  • Support for the creation of custom-defined ATC checks and variants (available via request)(details for checks and variants)
  • Support for a request and approval process for ATC exemptions, in addition to the new capability of transporting them via gCTS (available on request)(details)
  • Support for adding all objects of a package to a transport request in the Transport Organizer (details)
  • Enablement of new ATC checks to detect broken links to development objects within Knowledge Transfer Documents (details)
  • Support for global copies of local ABAP classes or interfaces using quick assist (details)
  • Enablement of an improved Element Info (via shortcut F2) on RAP business objects showing also derived types of an element (details)

ABAP Language

  • Support for dereferencing of data references at any place, e.g. in INTO clauses of ABAP SQL without the need for a helper field symbol
  • Availability of system class CL_ABAP_CORRESPONDING for assignment of components between structures or internal tables with dynamically specified mapping rules (details for simple assignmentsassignment of default values and use of lookup table)

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

  • Support for the definition of RAP business objects in strict mode to ensure conformity with RAP best practices (details)
  • Support for actions and functions, including associated authorizations, as part of projection behavior definitions (details for actions & functions)
  • Support for early unmanaged numbering to be used in unmanaged business objects with managed draft (details)
  • Support for a singleton mechanism as part of the RAP business object implementation to enable multi-inline-editing in the Fiori UI (details)
  • Support for AUTO FILL CID in EML statements for static operations to ensure that %cid is filled with a value automatically (details)
  • Support for always flag in determine actions that work on subentities (details here & here)
  • Support for statement COMMIT ENTITIES in simulation mode to trigger the save sequence of a RAP business object without saving data (details)
  • Support for mapping of action and function parameters as abstract entities to dictionary tables and structures (details)
  • Support for enabling modification of virtual or denormalized read-only fields in projection behavior definitions with syntax “field (modify)” (details)
  • Availability of documentation for the implementation of a RAP business object (details)


  • Availability of system and tenant information via the SAP Fiori Launchpad, including system ID, role and description as well as product name and version
  • Support for space and page templates in SAP Fiori Launchpad (details)
  • Support for additional monitoring capabilities in the Technical Monitoring Cockpit including information about dialog work process utilization, views on top 10 consumers by metric and a download capability (PlanViz format) for executed access plans in the SQL statement analysis (details)
  • Enablement of health monitoring via SAP Focused RUN based on metrics such as memory and CPU utilization (details)
  • Support for a SAP Support User Request Log to increase transparency of SAP support accesses to the system (details)

Business Configuration

  • Authorization check for displaying registered business configurations in the Maintain Business Configurations app (details)
  • Support for taking over transport requests and releasing business configuration requests via the Export Customizing Transports app (details)

Integration & Security

  • Support for viewing and filtering OData error logs using SAP Application Interface Framework (details)
  • Enablement of Read Access Logging to monitor and log read access to sensitive data (details)
  • Support for creation of services for external outbound consumption via communication arrangements (details)
  • Support for new ABAP classes and methods for interaction with communication management and identity/access management (details for communication & identity/access management)
  • Support for further IAM object types when working with abapGit

Lifecycle Management

  • Enablement of new features in the Manage Software Components app including creation of branches based on commit statecreation of tags for commits and display of the transport log with details (details for branches & tags)
  • Support for export of complete structure packages with abapGit


  • Support for role-based access restrictions to the Landscape Portal (details)
  • Support for creation of support tickets that include context information from the Landscape Portal (details)

Reuse Services

  • Availability of a new outbound communication scenario for integration with the SAP BTP Document Management service (details)
  • Support for monitoring of email requests via the Monitor Email Transmissions app (details)
  • Enablement of a new business catalogue to grant business users without administrator rights access to the Application Jobs app (details)
  • Support for embedding the Fiori Reuse Library in order to display application log entries in your Fiori applications (details)
  • Support for using the Fiori Reuse Library to display change documents (details)
  • Support for text tables as text sources in the Maintain Translations app (details)

 Stay healthy and take care!

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Randa Khaled

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