One of the greatest challenges that our SAP training participants face again and again is the limited time when it comes to training and certification in a new area.

The main problem is to prepare for a certain certification as  best as possible without your day-to-day business suffering as a result . It is precisely for this purpose that we have launched a new learning format for you:  SAP Blended Learning Academy 

How does the SAP Blended Learning Academy approach work?

In essence, you have the opportunity to independently learn learning units in e-learning format ( via SAP Learning Hub ) at your own pace Your self-study is flanked on the one hand with virtual live events by a SAP speaker (via  SAP Live Class ) and accompanying access to preconfigured SAP training systems (via  SAP Live Access ). In addition, you always have the opportunity to ask questions to the SAP speaker in a dedicated learning room.

The components in detail:

  • Kick-off event : One-day, virtual SAP Live Class introductory event moderated by a SAP speaker who, in addition to administrative topics such as system access, documents, chat for Q / A, etc., also provides you with a thematic introduction.


  • Online self-study  during the four months: Access to the learning materials (eLearnings and eBooks) in English (eBooks, if available, also in German) via the SAP Learning Hub.


  • One-day SAP Live Class events to review the respective learning parts at intervals of approx. One month, moderated by a SAP speaker. The SAP speaker summarizes the topic of the last month and addresses questions separately.


  • Independent implementation of the exercises from the training manuals on an  original SAP training system  via SAP Live Access.


  • Ongoing learning support  via the moderated SAP Blended Learning Academy learning room in the SAP Learning Hub. This means that you always have the opportunity to ask the SAP speaker technical questions during the entire Academy.


  • Certification exam  online via the Certification Hub.


Two popular certifications are available in the area of ​​SAP HANA and SAP  BW / 4 HANA, which will be presented in more detail in other blogs:


  • C_BW4HANA  DE )  SAP Certified Application Associate – Reporting, Modeling and Data Acquisition with SAP  BW / 4 HANA 2.x → Click here to  book …


  • C_HANAIMP (EN)  SAP Certified Application Associate – Core and Advanced Modeling with SAP HANA 2.X → Click here to  book …


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