Here we are again –  I’m very proud to present you today the latest news of this 20th version of the SAP Best Practices or SAP Integrated Business Planning, 2008. This means that since 5 years we provide on a regular base a very comprehensive, well tested, well documented package that helps to understand SAP Integrated Business Planning and to implement the solution.

Here the highlights for the 2008 version:

Enhancements and changes for Unified Planning Area SAPIPB1

The unified sample planning area SAPIBP1 now offers prepopulated #hashtags for key figures to allow easier selecting and sorting. #SAPIBP1 is assigned to all key figures that are delivered with SAPIBP1. In addition each key figure is tagged with the application or applications it belongs to. You can add your own hashtags and assign them to existing or new key figures.


Hashtags Sample Planning Area SAPIBP1

Activating SAPIBP1 no longer produces any warnings. If you have done any enhancements to SAPIBP1 and you get warnings during activation: they are not coming from our sample planning area ?

Between other changes, SAPIBP1 has been further simplified by introducing a new modeling functionality for weighted average. We enhanced several key figures with the new function IBP_WEIGHTEDAVG.

You want to know all changes we did in SAPIBP1 for 2008? Please check out this document.

Enhancements and changes for Sample Planning Area SAP7

The SAP7 sample planning area now contains charts, dashboards, and alerts as an integral part. Similar to what we have done it already for SAPIBP1 a few releases ago. When copying the sample planning area SAP7, you can copy these sample analytics and alerts automatically to reduce the manual configuration effort for the Best Practices processes.


Charts / Alerts in sample planning area SAP7

New scope items covering deployment optimization

2008 comes with two new scope items that tackle the challenges of deployment optimization in order-based planning. The scope item IBP for response and supply – deployment planning – optimizer scope item describes how to create a reliable short-term deployment plan by distributing available supply to demand. The optimizer looks for the globally best solution to satisfy the demands based on predefined costs for supply alternatives and demands.
We deliver a planning run profile which implements a mixed push/pull supply strategy in the supply chain network: goods are pushed from production plants to central distribution centers. Preferably, they are stored there until they are pulled by e.g. a local distribution center to cover customer demand.


View projected stock app

The new IBP – order-based planning inbound integration for deployment planning scope item is a prerequisite for the scope item mentioned above that describes how to run the integration of master data and key figures from SAP S/4HANA to the SAP IBP system.

Network echelon level information in inventory optimization

The IBP for inventory scope item has been enhanced with network echelon level information to help you better understand the results of the Multi-Stage Inventory Optimization run. The network topology echelon number shows the echelon position for each Location-Product combination in a specific network. In addition we updated and enhanced the inventory related charts.


Network echelon level information – chart

Intelligent Visibility 

The IBP – Business Network Collaboration – supplier commit with SAP Ariba and the IBP for response and supply – response planning scope items have been enhanced with the Intelligent Visibility app to allow business users to react quickly to supply chain issues. The app can be used to view and monitor internal and external supply chain processes and exceptions on a geographic map or in a table.


Intelligent Visibility – Supplier commit with SAP Ariba


The news for SAP Best Practices for SAP Integrated Business Planning 2008 are also captured in this video.

Check out this video to learn what SAP Best Practices for SAP Integrated Business Planning can do for you.

To view and download more information for free, please go to  SAP Best Practices Explorer 

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