Continuing on from our blog in Q1 2021 where we explained our Customer Influence Portal for SAP Analytics cloud and how you can have your say we bring you the latest features delivered in Q2 2021 requested by you.

New Model

One of our Top 5 and one of the biggest changes coming this quarter is the introduction of the New Model. This major overhaul of the model structure allows for greater flexibility and power in solution design. Not only that but the New Model by far contains the most delivered Customer Influence requests in a single delivery.

Covering 11 Customer requests and a whopping 203 votes collectively the first delivery of the New Model covers several very important topics in how you manage your data in SAP Analytics Cloud. These include:

For more details on all the new features within the New Model you can checkout this blog.


Enterprise Reporting – Pagination

In the recent quarters we have introduced Enterprise reporting enabling customers to create pixel perfect reports within SAP Analytics Cloud. One feature request was the ability to Repeat table headers for each page and we are happy to announce this is now available.



Rights Management for Comments

Commenting on Stories, Widgets, Charts is an important part of the collaboration functionality within SAP Analytics Cloud. In this quarter we add the ability to manage who can add, view, edit and even delete comments.

Equally important as requested by our customers the ability to Disable comment functionality in Stories is also very important and now available.


Data Actions – API for analytic applications

An important request that spans both Analytics Designer and SAP Analytics Cloud Planning is the Data Actions – API for analytic applications. Users can now introduce a data action API that can be called within JavaScript for an analytic application.

This allows execution selectively based on triggered events captured by the analytic application and the ability to customize the parameters sent to each data action execution (for instance, execute the same data action multiple times with different target versions).



Data Actions – context-sensitive execution

Continuing with Data Actions one request we received was to link Data Action parameters to current Story/Page filters.

The ability to inherit and pass story filters and input control values as parameters to a data action
not only simplifies data action execution but can also reduce errors and improve data action performance.


We are delighted to see that a significant number of our customer requests also featured in our Top 5 for QRC2 2021 you can find more details on our Top 5 Blog and Video.

Also to get details of all the innovations delivered and planned for SAP Analytics Cloud please visit the SAP Roadmap explorer.

Customer Influence Portal

Finally you can get the full list of all requests for SAP Analytics Cloud in the Customer Influence Portal. Here you can have your say by adding your own ideas and requests for new features in SAP Analytics Cloud.

There are 1900+ requests that are currently Open for Voting so get in and cast your votes. If there is an area that is of particular interest to you for example Mobile Analytics you can narrow your search to just these requests using the filter bar.


We want to hear from you so get voting!

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Randa Khaled

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