Following the announcement HANA 2.0: Coming soon to SAP BTP, Neo environment!

BTP HANA1.0 NEO customers have to upgrade to HANA2.0 on BTP Neo, refer to the above blog for more details

To make SAC live connectivity work for HANA 2.0 NEO, EPM-MDS lib need to be installed. Will explain briefly how this is done
  • After HANA 1.0 Neo DB has been upgraded to HANA2.0 Neo, please install EPM MDS plugin from the install components on BTP Cockpit

select EPM MDS plugin from the select solution drop down list, please click on install, after the plugin is installed, there will be a success message.



  • Please login to SAP Analytics cloud, navigate to Connections, create a new HANA live SAP Cloud platform connection, the connection gets created successfully.
  • all existing SAP Cloud Platform type connections work as it is without any further changes

!!! EPM MDS plugin is mandatory !!!




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