Data is an asset that can be monetized in different ways that yield a high ROI. From consumable data sets and analysis results, businesses can go beyond reporting by incorporating the intelligence into existing products, digital platforms, or new business models.

Take, for example, the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. When embedded in process and application workflows, the solution generates real-time analytics insights that provide a more transparent, contextualized view into business outcomes and financial performance. For our partners and their customers, such intelligence fuels decision-making that is more confident, accurate, and swift.

Across our portfolio of platforms, solutions, and technologies that cater to various lines of business, functions, and industries, business value is consistently derived from diverse capabilities – all united on a single modern platform. At SAP, our partner ecosystem is a critical part of bringing to life this advantage that SAP Analytics Cloud offers.

Protecting the partner journey

SAP Analytics Cloud enables software vendors to apply microservices, foundational infrastructure choices, and integrations to achieve outcomes, such as:

  • Building predefined content for specific industry needs or customer requirements
  • Extending out-of-the-box visualizations with custom widget capabilities to develop their own analytics
  • Embedding standardized content into their applications’ business workflows
  • Automating the delivery of their solutions to customers by programmatically using APIs

Furthermore, innovations can be quickly extended into the cloud, while still leveraging existing investments in, for example, on-premise solutions with live universe connectivity or a business warehouse that is actively linked to SAP Analytics Cloud.

But that’s not all that SAP Analytics Cloud provides. There is so much more potential that partners can tap to grow and expand their business and help their customers navigate every challenge, risk, and opportunity successfully.

This simple truth empowers us to safeguard our partners journey with a framework of four fundamental milestones:


Partners looking to use SAP Analytics Cloud to bridge gaps in their technology offerings can assess a variety of capabilities with a free 90-day trial that includes the solution’s business intelligence and planning functionalities, such as:

  • Business intelligence and planning
  • Live connections to an on-premise or cloud deployment of SAP HANA as well as the SAP Business Warehouse application and the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution
  • A library of data acquisition connections
  • Built-in analytics designer features

Additionally, various tutorials are available to give our partners the learning needed to fully exploit the advantages of the cloud-based analytics solution and use those capabilities to embed SAP Analytics Cloud into their applications.


To develop partner solutions and embed SAP Analytics Cloud in them, a commercial model provides access to partner demo and test tenants of the analytics solution. New partners and existing members can join the ecosystem by signing up for the Build engagement model in the SAP PartnerEdge program, through which they can acquire test and development capabilities.

Build partnership

Our partners can start designing their innovations once they receive SAP Analytics Cloud, partner demo and test tenant. Throughout the development process, they can tap into a vast range of learning material – including a guided playlist – that covers the entire solution or specific features they wish to use in their application.

Our developer community that is focused on SAP Analytics Cloud gives partners an open forum to post any question that can either be answered by an SAP expert and developer practitioners. Additionally, a collection of tutorials on the APIs and analytics designer capabilities of the solution are accessible.

Sell out

Once the partner application is fully developed and ready to be monetized, partners can share and sell it on SAP App Center. The site enables customers to discover, try, buy, manage, and deploy partner applications that can amplify the value of their existing investments in SAP technologies and solutions.


Revealing customer value by respecting the partner relationship

SAP partners often use the SAP Analytics Cloud solution to create innovations that address customer needs and generate new business opportunities for themselves. However, it is important to recognize all the possibilities of analytics solution, including monetizing data in the form of insights and intelligence. By taking necessary steps today and tomorrow to safeguard the partner relationship, the potential of SAP Analytics Cloud will continue to be amplified, creating new value for our partners and their customers.

To learn more about embedded analytics:

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  • Explore our partner program

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