Dear SAP Community members,

May 2021 is about to end, and our Topic of the Month activities are almost over.

Beginning of the month, we were part of a webinar series “Drive Hyperautomation with SAP Business Technology Platform” together with our colleagues from Workflow Management and AI Business Services. Feel free to watch the recordings!

Then we have had the pleasure to share with you a series of blog posts:

RPA enthusiasts expressed their opinion and knowledge about robotic process automation and its future in the season 2 of our “RPA Talk” video series.

We also launched our “Women in Automation” series, with an introductory blog post featuring Valeria Churilova-Perot and a series of social posts published on our LinkedIn page.

And finally we had yesterday our Special Community Call, where our experts highlighted a few automation use cases with Ariba, and answered your questions.

We hope that you enjoyed the content we prepped for you, and we would be more than happy to get your feedback: feel free to share your remarks, ideas and suggestions in the comments of this blog post!

Of course, our activities to promote SAP Intelligent RPA and broader process automation portfolio from SAP Business Technology Platform won’t stop. June is coming, and SAPPHIRE NOW 2021 is right around the corner. We worked hard to bring you a series of sessions in the IT Track, covering process automation at large with user behavior mining, process mining, robotic process automation, business process management, low code / no code tooling, artificial intelligence etc.


Take advantage of process automation related sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW 2021!


I would like to emphasize a few sessions that might be of particular interest for you:

Take advantage of SAPPHIRE NOW 2021: register now and get your seat to boost your process automation journey!

For more information on SAP Intelligent RPA


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