Discover the Benefits of Leveraging SAP’s Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service in Hybrid Integration Landscapes

On Thursday, May 20, we held the first 2 live sessions in a series that focuses on how SAP Business Technology Platform can support our customers through their digital transformation journey, for example, as part of RISE with SAP.


Our 3 amazing products experts, Harshavardhan JegadeesanUdo Paltzer and Piyush Gakhar,  shared their thoughts on how SAP Integration Suite can accelerate your move to the cloud. Both sessions were recorded, and uploaded to the SAP Community YouTube channel:


In a nutshell:

  • SAP Integration Suite is the foundation for the integrated intelligent suite. Check out the strategy paper for more details on SAP’s plan to support your move to the cloud.
  • SAP Integration Suite is THE answer for SAP to SAP, SAP to non-SAP, cloud to cloud and cloud to on-prem integrations. That is, it’s your hybrid integration platform to achieve the intelligent enterprise.
  • SAP Integration Suite has over 2000 integration content packages and +170 connectors that act as accelerators in your integration journey. This content is delivered and supported by SAP and partners.
  • Future-proofing your integration strategy and moving from SAP Process Integration and SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite for your hybrid integration scenarios.

My Highlights

  • I would really like to thank all the attendees for their active engagement! You had a lot of very interesting questions and made it feel almost as we were having an in-person conversation thanks to the constant back and forth.
  • Our product experts were fantastic! We were able to dedicate a full 30’ to answering questions from the audience and they did not disappoint. Questions about all-things integration were coming in hot and they were answering just as fast.
  • Harsh, Udo & Piyush mentioned several times that they are there for YOU. You can reach out to them, engage, ask for support. Don’t be shy ?

Extra Resources

As promised, I wanted to share extra resources and assets that can support your journey:

SAP Road Map Explorer

SAP Integration Suite latest & planned innovations.

Tip: The blue line means the feature is already released. Yellow line means it’s planned.

SAP Discovery Center Mission Catalog

For complete enablement packages including expert support by mission coaches.

SAP API Business Hub

Where you can find all our integration packages and those provided by our partners. Try the Beta version to experience the new features and UI.



There are already 2 courses available, and a new one is planned for July 2021. Stay tuned for registration details.

SAP Integration Suite Community Page

Engage with the rest of the community and stay up to date through the community page

Tutorial Navigator

Get hands-on experience and learn at your own pace using the SAP BTP trial and following the SAP Integration Suite tutorials

Help Portal

There is a lot of information on SAP Integration Suite available in the Help Portal. During the call we talked a lot about multi-cloud and how this is the future, not just for our integration capabilities but also for the platform. And of course, we want to support our customers through their journey. For example, you can find a migration guide for Cloud Integration on Neo to Multi-cloud here.

For general questions on migrating to multi-cloud, check out this guide: Migrating from the Neo Environment to the Multi-Cloud Foundation (Cloud Foundry and Kyma)

More SAP Community Calls

Hope to “hear” you in the next SAP Community Call. For information on our upcoming calls, check out this blog post.

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