SAPPHIRE NOW 2021 is just around the corner and similar to last year, this year’s digital and virtual program offers three regional event experiences, in languages and in time zones that work for you. Your registration gets you access to 3 regional events covering a wide spectrum of topics, solutions and thought provoking ideas.

By joining the thousands of other who have already registered, you will unlock the opportunity to discover and deepen your knowledge on a number of technology topics that are top of mind for IT leaders and forward thinkers today. You will be able to interact with industry experts and your peers as they share transformational stories that will guide, inspire, and help reinvent how you run your business.

For those more focused on the role that integrating data, processes and applications play in enabling a more agile and responsive organization, we have put together a great lineup of sessions that talk very much to this topic. You will hear directly from SAP speakers, partners and customers as they share best practices and real-life experiences on how a strategic focus on integration can and has led to transformative results.

Here are a number of session highlights for your consideration:

Ignite Innovation by Connecting Your Enterprise [Session ID: IT119]

React quickly to changing business needs, compose new business processes, and integrate applications and data across disparate processes and value chains. Make rapid innovation a reality with SAP Integration Suite. Take advantage of more than 2,000 prebuilt integrations and 2,500 APIs to accelerate business transformation.

Speaker: Harshavardhan Jegadeesan, VP, Products & Strategy, Integration, SAP


Hear How PACCAR’s Global Trade Platform Integrates Transportation Processes [Session ID: IT204]

Learn how PACCAR Inc. is centralizing and harmonizing transportation and logistics processes, enhancing trade compliance, and improving logistics data management and analysis. Explore how it is achieving these goals using SAP Business Technology Platform.

Speakers: Ashish Mehta, PACCAR Inc,  Noopur Ambekar, PACCAR Inc


Unleash the Full Potential of Your Business with SAP’s Integration Strategy [Session ID: IT126]

React with agility to changing market conditions by enabling quality integration across functions and processes. Get the latest insights into how SAP’s integration strategy and SAP Business Technology Platform help optimize business processes across the enterprise to lay the foundation for an agile and innovative organization.

Speakers: Michael Ameling, SVP, SAP and  Dr. Philipp Herzig, Head of Intelligent Enterprise & Cross Architecture, SAP Product Engineering , SAP


Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Business Technology Platform [Session ID: IT318]Intelligent Enterprises are integrated enterprises that use data to feed their intelligence. SAP’s holistic integration approach goes far beyond technical integration of applications — integrating both technology and business processes to deliver significant value to your business — helping you become an Intelligent Enterprise.

Speaker: Nicky JOHAR, Sales and Presales for Customer Success, SAP


Achieve Business Agility with SAP Business Technology Platform [Session ID: IT118]

Accelerate business transformation with new experiences, optimized processes, and connected applications. Discover how SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite can help you achieve these goals. Learn how powerful application development, automation, and integration capabilities power SAP Business Technology Platform.

Speaker: Michael Weingartner, Pres, Business Technology Platform Core (Integration & Extension) , SAP


To add these sessions to your calendar make sure to first locate them from the SAPPHIRE Session Catalog and then click ‘add to calendar’

And to discover the full range of technology topics offered at SAPPHIRE this year, be sure to explore all IT sessions under the SAPPHIRE IT Track.


I am sure you will find your experience at SAPPHIRE NOW this year a rewarding one and ideally walk away with the new skills, insights and knowledge to advance your IT agendas well into 2021 and beyond!

Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

Author Since: November 19, 2020

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