As standard there is no default proof of delivery process for SAP Business ByDesign but it is possible to design this process in a simple way for your organisation or customers.

Here is a suggested process for achieving the proof of delivery process: 


Proof of Delivery Process

To implement this you need to ensure that in your logistics model the outbound delivery is not automatically released if you are using logistics tasks, or if you are using the ‘Post Goods Issue’ no task method, don’t release the delivery.  If you have released the outbound delivery, don’t worry you can always undo the release!

If a delivery note needs to be printed, then you have some options:

  • Release the delivery, print delivery note and then undo release
  • With the unreleased delivery, use the preview to open the PDF and print the delivery note 
  • Use pro forma invoice

The next stage is to deliver the goods to your customer wherever they are!  

On delivery you then get confirmation of receipt, either by the customer signing the paper delivery note which comes back with your driver and then you can release the outbound delivery updating the date and time the actual delivery took place, and scanning in the signed delivery note.

For a more streamlined and modern approach, rather than the customer signing the paper document you could use SAP Business ByDesign remotely on a portable device or via a mobile app. 

As a demonstration of this process concept I have created a freely available app iOS app ( which supports an electronic signature and/or photograph proving delivery. 

The app works by using the Shipping Service Integration that comes as standard with ByDesign.  By enabling this feature within your system’s scoping, setting the username and password, you can quickly get up and running.  

From a technical point of view, the app uses the ManageODIn web service to update the outbound delivery with the actual date and time of delivery, the signature and photo images are saved as attachments and the GPS coordinates/delivery comments are stored as notes in the outbound delivery.  Upon successfully updating the delivery with this information, it is then released using the same web service.

With the use of a custom web service created via the Cloud Application Studio, the process could potentially be like the one outlined below where the outbound delivery is released but the application can undo the release, update the delivery with the proof of delivery information and then release it again:


Proof of Delivery Ideal Process


An influence forum request has been created for this web service to be made available as standard




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