Are you a partner bidding for a project that includes an SAP solution that your team has not implemented before?  You have done the training and certification but need more guidance. For example, SAP Group reporting, SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP Business Technology Platform?  Do you have a project underway where an SAP expert who has delivered a project end-to-end could help?

Partner Mentoring

An experienced dedicated mentor from SAP Services can help you.  The Partner Mentoring service includes a one hour remote meeting every week for 3 months.  We can work in many languages anywhere in the world. The mentor will prepare customized guidance before the call and produces minutes afterwards. You can buy partner mentoring online for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, CX and SuccessFactors in the partner benefits catalog. For other SAP solutions, email us at  Login to with an S-user and search for “mentoring”.

Partner Coaching

We have a sister service called Partner Coaching. This allows you to talk with a coach from SAP Services as and when you need it. You have ten 30 minute slots to use over 6 months. Slots can be combined for longer questions. Fill in a short online form and you will be allocated one of our coaches based on your question. The service can cover technical, functional and project management topics and is delivered in English (other languages e.g. Chinese are possible). It is  available to buy online for CX and SuccessFactors in the partner benefits catalog. There is also a version of coaching for SAP S/4HANA Cloud and On-Premise. Email us at

Reference Story

Read the reference story about how we worked with the partner Blueprint Technologies in India. They have a broad cloud consultancy capability that includes SAP CX and SAP SuccessFactors.

There is a lot more detail about Partner Mentoring and Partner Coaching in this related blog:

I hope you found this blog informative

Amin Hoque

Amin Hoque
Application Architect at SAP Services UK

Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

Author Since: November 19, 2020

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