SAP for Me is now the default solution for reviewing, managing, and activating SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain production system entitlements. With user-friendly dashboards providing up-to-the-minute statuses, SAP for Me makes it easier to trigger the provisioning of your production environment as and when you need it.

All new customers of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) are provided with an initial pre-provisioned test environment that is ready to use. When you need your production environment, you first need to provision it using the service provided in the SAP for Me customer portal.

Using SAP for Me to Provision Environments

SAP for Me provides personalized access, and a transparent view of your product portfolio, giving you control over your environments and their availability. Use it to view and provision the systems (environments) that you’re entitled to.

Here is how

On SAP for Me go the Systems & Provisioning dashboard (S-user required). The page opens, displaying a series of system overview cards. Click the Cloud Delivery tab at the top of the page.

The Provisioning page opens, displaying two cards, one of which is the Products Available for Provisioning card. This card contains all entitlements with the status “open”.

Locate the relevant entitlement (environment) by Entitlement Product (“SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain”) and Entitlement Role (“Productive”).

Note, by clicking any of the Materials entries opens details of the license materials, including the entitled quantity, order ID and duration.

Now you can start the provisioning by clicking on the “Start provisioning” button.

Products Available for Provisioning card (mock-up data with test user)

The status of the item in the card changes to In Process because the request to provision is sent to SAP IBP Operations.

In the Provisioning Status card, the requested provisioning status changes to Provisioning triggered, and corresponding information in the Triggered on and Triggered by columns is updated.

The IBP production environment is typically provisioned within 48 hours.

When provisioning is complete, the status changes to Provided and the provisioned entity’s system number is displayed in the Provisioned System column. Note that you may need to refresh the browser page after a few minutes to get the updated status.

You can click on the Provisioned System number to access more detailed information about the provisioned environment (system).

Provisioning Status card (mock-up data with test user)

In both cards, you can search by Entitlement Product and Entitlement Role. In the Provisioning Status card, you can also search by system number or filter by status.

Benefits for you

Customers will conveniently manage repeat activities and speed up the interaction and outcome. SAP for Me will easily connect you with the most relevant information customized based on your specific SAP portfolio, interests and preferences.

The new cards will provide you with a greater transparency on your specific entitlements, the provisioning status and the ability to connect your systems with for example financial and consumption details.

This will allow you to explore and drill down into specific information types and if necessary, immediately initiate follow-up activities with digital self-services. Overall, this new feature will improve your efficiency and support the successful completion of your daily tasks.

Using SAP for Me

Accessing via SAP for Me

SAP for Me lets you view and provision the environments that you’re entitled to use. Note that in SAP for Me, environments are referred to as systems and the systems that you’re entitled to are referred to as entitlements. You need an S-user ID to log in to SAP for Me and view your  company’s entitlements.

The main link address is

As SAP for Me introduces capabilities that leverage new data types, new authorizations have been introduced to the existing S-user framework. These authorizations can be granted to any S-user by super administrators or, in some cases, by cloud administrators.

For the process of provisioning systems in SAP for Me, you need the Edit Cloud Data CLOUDEDIT authorization assigned to your s-user ID.

Who gets the authorization automatically?

  • Cloud administrators – for installations that they’re cloud administrators for
  • Company super administrators – for customer numbers that they’re super administrators for
  • CCoE super administrators – on the CCoE level
  • An IT contact person named in the order, if they are not one of the above.

Entitlement Roles

Entitlement roles in SAP for Me describe the category of a system, in other words, the type of SAP IBP environment that you’re entitled to. There are two types:

SAP for Me term SAP IBP term Purpose
Customer Test Test environment Development, Configuration, Test
Productive Production environment Productive use

Entitlement Materials

Entitlement materials are the licensed materials that will be installed on the system, and hence the items that appear on the bill of material content. Clicking an entitled materials entry in SAP for Me displays details of the material, quantity, order ID, and the start and end date of the entitlement contract.

Actions and Statuses

The following actions appear in the SAP for Me Products available for Provisioning card, alongside the various entitlements:

Start Provisioning – when enabled, means you can trigger provisioning for this entitlement. If this button isn’t enabled, it could mean:

  • You aren’t entitled to provision. Check your user-ID permissions.
  • The contract start date hasn’t been reached yet.
  • The sequence check hasn’t passed, indicating that a prerequisite system needs to be provisioned first.

In process – indicates that provisioning has been requested

In the Provisioning Status card, all entitlements have either the status Provisioning Triggered or Provided.


If you need assistance using the Systems & Provisioning card, you can contact SAP for Me support via Written Incident or Phone by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper-right corner of the card.

Products Available for Provisioning card: Contact Us


Further Assistance

In summary, SAP for Me gives you the ability to decide when you want to have your IBP production environment provisioned, giving you much more control and flexibility.

Please feel free to leave feedback or ask questions in the comments section below.

Best regards,

Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

Author Since: November 19, 2020

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