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This is a newly introduced feature (available from S/4HANA Cloud 2102 release) which focuses on Sales – Projects integration in S/4HANA Cloud EPPM.

With this feature, for the projects with Project with Revenue profile when the Multiple Sales Order Items .

Scenario is enabled, multiple pricing and billing relevant sales order items can be assigned to the same billing work package. This is applicable to Project Control, API, and migration apps


How to use this feature : Refer to SAP best practice 4I9

  1. Go to “Project Control” App
  2. Create one EPPM project choosing “Project with Revenue” profile
  3. By default top work package becomes billing element / billing relevant
  4. You can create lower work packages , untick the billing element tick for top work package and make a lower level work package billing relevant.
  5. Create sales orders using VA01 Fiori app and assign the same work package to multiple sales order items within same SO.
  6. Create multiple sales orders and assign same work package as account assignment.

Business Benefits : Flexible revenue planning & billing cycles

  • Same work package (Billing element) can be assigned as account assignment to multiple Sales order line items within same Sales order
  • Same work package (Billing element) can be assigned to different sales orders line items i.e. SO #001 ,SO #002

Example : 





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Randa Khaled

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