Available from May 2021, the Manage Regulatory Graphics app has now been released to customers. With this app, you can get an overview of the graphics available including the graphics themselves, not just text. You can view graphics and enter additional information. You can search and sort graphics, or find information, such as the graphic collection, graphic code, or graphic ID. This means you can use embedded regulatory graphics during product classification, and this is very useful for creating documents like safety data sheets and reports, as well as labels.

Graphics used in Product Compliance are delivered as content by SAP. In regulations for hazardous substances, such as the Global Harmonized System (GHS), or in dangerous goods regulations, graphics are used to convey specific information. As a product stewardship specialist, you can use this app for an overview of all graphics. Using the Dangerous Goods – Classification Details app, you can view graphics collection assigned to a compliance requirement.

A graphic is a pictogram that is used to identify hazardous substances or dangerous goods and is often grouped by health or environmental risk. In dangerous goods regulations, graphics are used on labels and markings to, for example, provide the main information regarding the characteristics and dangers associated with the dangerous goods and how to handle a package.

There have been other improvements in safety data sheet management and enhancements in dangerous goods. For more information about all these changes, you can go here.

A link to the blog post for Integrated Phrases is here.

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