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After you run some reports in the Run Compliance Reports app, you can choose a function called Analyze Data, where you can check analytics details of your report run.

This function helps you to make sure the data contained in the output of the report run is correct. In the analytical view, you can drill down an audit each one of the documents that were processed in the report run.

Since some outputs may contain details of millions of accounting documents, this function might take some of the capacity of your system, depending on your specific context. In this blog, you find a step by step process that you can follow in other to optimize the time response of the Analyze Data option in your system.

Step 1: Setting your preferred layout

  1. Inside the Analyze Data function, enable the Defer Layout Update option.
    When you enable this option, you can include or remove any rows and columns of the analytics view, as well as remove the totals without having the screen reloaded each time.
  2. Once you have set your changes, you can then choose the Refresh button in the grid toolbar or in the navigation panel to update the results.

Step 2: Saving a bookmark in the analytics view for your preferred layout

  1. Choose the Personalize button in the grid toolbar.
  2. Choose Save As, enter a name, and save.
  3. Choose the Personalize button again and select the Use as Default checkbox for the bookmark that you have just saved. Save again.
  4. Check if the bookmark is automatically loaded with the desired row and column settings next time you load the analytical view.

Step 3: Using the Item Type filtering option

You can produce one single run without any filtering criteria, and then specify the filter manually in the analytics view, like done below for item type. With this, you don’t need to reload the analytics view for each different run that you would like to open.

By following this process, you’ll have the Analyze Data function working with optimized time responses. We hope this information helps you.

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