What is Live Data Connect for SAP BusinessObjects solutions

For those who are new to the SAC Live Data Connect technology, this feature offers some strong advantages, and a lot of interest for the companies who are already using SAP Analytics Cloud along with the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite:

  • It allows SAP Analytics Cloud to connect to On Premise Data, exposed through the universes or WebIntelligence documents
  • It enables a LIVE access towards these data
  • The data are never uploaded into the CLOUD or SAP Analytics Cloud: they stay behind your firewall, into your corporate network
  • And you can access and re-use, as is, all your existing relational universes of type .UNV and .UNX, and all your WebIntelligence documents data models


Where to find Live Data Connect 3.3

We are pleased to announce that version 3.3 has been released this week and available for download in SAP Market Place:

Download Live Data Connect 3.3


What is new in Live Data Connect 3.3


It is now possible to schedule LDC-based stories, once the cloud connector has been installed  and configured to let the SAP Analytics Cloud system connect to LDC.
This enables users to schedule LDC documents and to use SAC as a true enterprise analytics platform.



Add Variance

Add Variance is now available in LDC charts


Drill up/down on navigation path

Users do leverage navigation paths defined in Universes when using LDC WebIntelligence documents access.
You can now drill up and down in charts using those navigation paths.


Note that Fold/Unfold is not supported in tables


Passwords externalization

Admnistrators have now the ability to store the SAML shared secret, keystore and key passwords in separate files instead of in the LDC.properties file.
Configuration file can now be shared without having to share passwords.

Note this externalization is mandatory in LDC 3.3.


Reduction of BOE licenses consumption

Queries executed via LDC do not consume any BOE license anymore

To get this feature, you need to use following BOE versions in conjunction with LDC 3.3:

  • 4.2 SP9 Patch 2 or higher
  • 4.3 SP1 Patch 5 or higher
  • 4.3 SP2


Unsupported elements in Query Builder

Unsupported elements when building a LDC model, such as time hierarchies, geographic hierarchies, delegated measures, variables created on references, are now visible in the query builder but greyed out.

In previous versions, those elements were not exposed in the query builder.


What is next?

Live Data Connect for BOBJ is enhanced every quarter with new features, so stay tuned for the coming release in Q4 2021.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this brand new release !



Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

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