Dear SAP Partners

In our effort to provide SAP Partners with a one-stop-shop for enablement consumption you will be thrilled to hear that both SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign now offer role-based learning paths for six roles each. Whether you are in Sales, Presales, Consulting, Development, Customer Engagement or Marketing, you can now easily navigate your learning journey.

SAP Learning Journeys are structured visual guides, designed to help you understand and navigate the path to become fully competent in any SAP solution. Get the knowledge to sell and earn the sales and presales qualification. Learn Best-Practices to manage long-term customer relationships with focus on post-sales activities in context of cloud engagements. Get the knowledge to successfully market the product. Learn how to implement, configure and customize a system. Develop the skills and competencies required to build and maintain custom extensions. Get the knowledge you’ll need to support your customer in each phase of the lifecycle.

Sharpen your expertise and access your SAP Business One or SAP Business ByDesign Learning Journeys today. Happy learning.

To learn more about SAP Business One or SAP Business ByDesign, visit our dedicated pages on

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