Two weeks ago, Bertram Ganz and I had the opportunity to talk about SAP for Me and in particular about its product & portfolio area at the ASUG Next-Generation SAP Center of Excellence Virtual Conference.

Our talk was one of a total of 5 presentations.

  • The Evolution of the Digital Experience for SAP Customers
  • SAP for Me – Overview and future of customer collaboration with SAP
  • Keep Track of your SAP Product Portfolio and Related Opportunities with SAP for Me (Recording)
  • Get your SAP Licenses under Control with SAP for Me
  • Get the most out of SAP Support and Self-Services with SAP for Me

For those who are more interested in a summary of our presentation, this blog post is the right place. For all others, I recommend the recordings linked above. Especially for our presentation, I also recommend the recording if you are interested in a demo.


SAP for Me is just the beginning

As in the presentation, I would like to reiterate that SAP for Me is one step of a larger vision. This was talked about in more detail in the first presentation.

At this point, I would like to emphasize that SAP for Me focuses on three points in particular:

  • Context – This means taking into account various aspects such as the SAP product portfolio you have acquired, your interests, the position you are currently in SAP for Me, and also your preferred products, which you are primarily concerned with.
  • Completeness – A complete coverage of topics across all customer-relevant areas and not just a focus on one area of them.
  • Self-Services – A range of digital self-services to enable you to act quickly when information in SAP for Me has pointed to a particular need for action.


Continuously looking for opportunities
while keeping the business running


SAP follows two major goals with SAP for Me:

  • To keep your business running
  • Enable you to continuously seek out more opportunities

The picture above shows several examples of existing as well as planned functionalities We will go into some of these in more detail.


There is already a lot available in SAP for Me

The products purchased by the customer are naturally at the focus of a customer portal. Because whether it’s licenses, training materials, systems, contacts, all this information is always in the context of a product or portfolio at the customer’s site. For this reason, we at SAP for Me have already come a long way in the portfolio and products areas.

We distinguish here between three different levels of a product hierarchy. The portfolio is the highest level and includes all products that a customer has purchased.

The second level is the portfolio category, which includes a group of products. An example of a category is “Analytics”.

The third level is then the product itself. At the product level, a 360° view can already be taken today. We want to offer a similar view for both the category and the portfolio in the form of aggregated key figures in the future.

So, while at the portfolio level you primarily get an overview of all products, and at the category level you can also track the products in the category, at the product level – as shown in the image above – it is already possible to overview a wide range of product-specific content.

In the picture above, you can clearly see that we are oriented towards the two target directions of business and opportunities. The business perspective is characterized by getting an overview of my portfolio and the included products and understanding the context. This of course also includes status indications or alerts concerning my portfolio.

On the other hand, we also look at product opportunities. Now, it is particularly important for us that a customer recognizes innovations at an early stage or is able to actively influence an SAP product.


We are only at the beginning

During our presentation, we also talked about things that we want to bring into SAP for Me in the future and that are currently in our planning.

On the business side, we see here above all a higher transparency in the areas of events. For example, an upcoming maintenance or an upcoming license renewal. But also, other things like product incidentsproduct trials and other information.

The product trials are also a bridge to the opportunities. While the business side is about looking at my active software trials, the opportunity perspective is about finding new trials. We also want to show innovations from the product road maps in a more fine-grained way. Right now, we show innovations at the product level. But in fact, a product can consist of multiple licenses. In the future, we want to enable you to understand how innovations fit together with your licenses. Furthermore, on opportunities, we see a lot of other opportunities such as exploring business use cases and customer reference stories or even reference architectures. On a more distant view, we also see product recommendations based on your product portfolio, your interests and use cases that are relevant to you.

Product exploration and product road maps are particularly close to our hearts, which is why we went into more detail here in our presentation. Here are just the two images that we also showed in the presentation.




Summary and important links

A lot has already happened at SAP for Me, especially in the portfolio and product perspective. And I think we were also able to show that we are far from being at the end and will add significantly more features. I will close this blog post with the same information as our presentation… with a list of – for you – important links.


How to access SAP for Me? (Use your SAP S-User or Universal ID)


SAP for Me Release Notes (currently part of Launchpad release information).

March 2021 Release Notes


SAP for Me @


SAP for Me @ SAP Community?


What permissions do I need and how do I get it? See this blog.


SAP for Me in the News? Read this press article.


SAP for Me Reference Customers? Watch this video.


Where can I request SAP for Me improvements? In SAP Customer Influence.


I hope you like that information. If yes, leave me like or an comment. ?


All the best,

Randa Khaled

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