What is Mendix ?

Mendix is an American low-code software platform company that provides tools to build, test, deploy and iterate applications.. It allows you to create both web and mobile apps for Android (even Android TV) and iOS, packs tons of flexibility, and offers most of the best features

Business Use Case

‘Telporter’ is a food processed company share company which serves customers across various parts of the world. Recently they kicked off the process of to know the list of tickets created for customer. In this effort they want a seamless experience from related ticket for a particular Customer. They also want prompt action to be taken on ticket when completed

Key Capabilities and Business Benefits 

  • Easily integrate Mendix with SAP Service Cloud
  • Drive Management in Service Cloud by showcase related ticket for a customer


  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • Mendix


As a simple use case here we are showing the related Tickets for a particular customer in Mendix.


Step 1: Please signup  https://signup.mendix.com if u don’t have account

Step 2:Please logon with your details

Step 3:Please create New Project

Step 4:Please create App

Step 5: We can create App via front end or By downloading Mendix  from marketplace as mentioned URL  https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/studiopro/

Step 6:im familiar with Studio pro so lets get started with Studio Pro.

Click on New App => Use this starting point => finish

Step 7 : we are doing a GET method from C4C to fill in the list view .So Please create ODATA for as per your requirement

Here is I’m getting top3 tickets of customer.


Right click on MyFirstModule => Add other => Json Structure

Ex: Link

Step 8 :Copy and Paste the C4C ODATA structure à Format => OK

Step 9: Right click on MyFirstModule => Add other =>Import Mapping

Step 10:Select the required fields and click OK

Step 11:Click on map automatically

Step 12: Right click on MyFirstModule => Add microflow

Step 13:Drag and Drop the Activity  to flow=>double click on Activity box => select Call REST service

i.General Tab

ii.HTTPS header


Step 14:Set the return value

Step 15: Drag and Drop the image from properties and add image

Step 16: Drag and Drop List view à double click on List view à goto data source à Add GET microflow

Step 17: By default all values are selected=> Please rearrange value fields by dragging container and Label

Step 18: Run à View App->Responsive Web

Step 19:  We can see the C4C results in Mendix

Conclusion: We had Integrated the C4C service ticket with Mendix




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